A team consisting of Juniata College students have entered the finals of the 2019 Community Bank Case Study Competition.

With only six teams left in the competition, the students are on the verge of winning $1,000 worth of scholarships for every member of the team.

The competition is a yearly contest that is judged by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS). The team is made up of Katie Migatulski, David Hibner, Matt Schaeffer, Wyatt Page and is supervised by professor Sinead Gallagher, who is serving as faculty adviser for the project.

“I was fortunate to have some fantastic students last semester. Basically, the four that I asked were my dream team,” said Gallagher, who explained the students were chosen on the basis on their interests and their ability to be team players.

The team partnered with Kish Bank and Greg Hayes, the bank’s president and COO. Gallagher applauded the bank for its cooperation throughout the study, citing the numerous meetings that high-level board members of the bank attended and explained, “We got to meet an awful lot of them and not just on one occasion, but on several occasions.”

The 2019 Community Bank Case Study Competition is designed to give college students the unique opportunity to work hand in hand with community banks and gain real-world research practice that will translate into marketable experience when they enter the job market after graduation.

Facilitated by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, the 2019 Competition addresses how community banks benefit from the new Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act that became public law in May 2018.

The student’s submission consisted of a 25-page paper that discussed the case study’s findings and a 10-minute video that highlighted the teams’ findings and highlighting the partnered community bank. For the video submission, the team turned to Jill Palmer and the team at Juniata College’s Video Production Team.

The competition began with 58 teams from all around the country, all of which entered the initial round of judging. After the first elimination, Juniata was positioned against only 15 other teams. May 7, the finals were announced, revealing that Juniata College, Along with Eastern Kentucky University, Southeastern Louisiana University, the University of Missouri—Kansas City, the University of Tennessee at Martin, and the Utah Valley University.

Each student on the first-place winning team will receive a $1,000 scholarship, an opportunity to present their findings at the CSBS federal reserve community conference and have their study published in a journal of academic research. The second and third place teams will receive $500 scholarships and $250 scholarships, respectively, and each have their findings published.

Joe Miller can be reached at jmiller@huntingdondailynews.com


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