Effective immediately, Saxton Borough will no longer be sending out late water notices.

Council president and water committee chairman Lester Meck told fellow council members Phil Johnson, John Hoffner, Adam Runk and Larry Miller it states in the borough’s water rules and regulations the borough must send out late water notices. He suggested the rules and regulations be changed since it is costing the borough money to do so.

“In the past we have spent $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month sending out late water notices. I feel this is just no longer necessary,” he said.

Meck proposed the borough follow the lead of the Saxton Borough Municipal Authority and not send out any late water notices at all. Borough office manager Jamie Foster said that 132 notices are currently being sent out each month.

Meck feels if water customers do not pay their water bills when they know they’re do, the borough should not have to keep after them to get its money. Council agreed.

Part-time water employee Don Herdman informed council that a water reserve feed tank at the borough’s water treatment plant has been replaced and is in working order. The roof on the borough’s old treatment plant was finally replaced and thought to be leaking.

The contractor who replaced the roof was consulted and stated the water is likely residual water trapped on the roof and should evaporate when area temperatures rise. If, not he agreed to come back and examine the problem.

Borough maintenance supervisor Brian Wills informed council he will be flushing borough water lines and fire hydrants on Thursday, May 30. Stonerstown and the borough will be done during the morning and into the afternoon hours while the East Saxton area will be done later in the day and into the evening hours.

Mayor Alan Smith said the wheels of a World War I cannon that were removed last month to be refurbished are nearly done. The cannon itself was removed from the community parkway on Monday to be refurbished at JLG Industry’s Bedford facility.

Officials of the Captain Phillip’s VFW Post 4129, according to Smith, are hopeful the cannon can be done and reassembled at the community honor roll before Memorial Day. If this occurs, Smith said perhaps a special rededication ceremony could be held.

Smith also reported that an old cast iron Saxton Borough sign that was recently damaged by a motor vehicle accident has been repaired. It was stated that local contractor Joe C. Hall has agreed to reinstall the sign in the community parkway.

It was announced that the annual “Music in the Parkway” festival held throughout the summer in the Saxton Community Parkway will resume soon. The events will be held every other Sunday night at 6 p.m. during June, July and August.

Adam can be reached at dnews@huntingdondailynews.com.


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