The Liberty Township Supervisors received some good news at their monthly meeting Aug. 5 that the municipality has been awarded a $5,000 grant for improvements to the Stonerstown Recreational Park.

Stephanie Buncich, a consulting engineer with EADS Engineering Inc., informed Supervisors Brian Weaver, Dick McClure and John Black the matching grant was approved by the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission’s (SAP&DC) board of directors at a July 17 meeting.

The township’s funding request was one of four approved from municipalities within the six-county region. Buncich submitted the funding application to the SA Commission on behalf of the municipality earlier this year.

The funds will be used to install a basketball court and benches at the Stonerstown recreational facility. This is the second grant approved for the community park with the first one sanctioned two years ago for the construction of a pavilion and related park improvements.

The SA Commission is responsible for administering the Southern Alleghenies Regional Greenways Mini-Grants Program which funds originate with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), said the consulting engineer.

Funding requests are reviewed and prioritized by the SAP&DC planning advisory committee and approved by the commission’s board of directors.

In accordance with the Mini-Grants program, the township will be providing an in-house match for the project.

Turning to other business, Buncich informed the supervisors it was necessary to resubmit the township’s request for state Dirt and Gravel Road monies to pay for improvements to Clark and Raver Gap roads.

Buncich told the supervisors that in a conversation with Bedford County Conservation District officials, it was learned the district had not received the funding application.

The supervisors agreed to submit letters to four property owners encouraging them to support proposed plans to extend the H&BT Rail Trail from Red Cut north to the Warriors Path State Park which right of way lies entirely in Liberty Township.

The Broad Top Township Supervisors are currently working on an extension of the H&BT Rail Trail from Riddlesburg to Red Cut, about two miles. The remaining section of the former railroad right of way is retained by four private property owners.

Liberty Township is among numerous other local groups and governmental units sending letters to the property owners seeking their support for the rail-trail extension, including neighboring Saxton Borough.

The supervisors agreed to send a letter of appreciation to members of the Frontier Patriots Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution and its president Larry Smith thanking the members for their efforts in having repairs made recently to the Captain Phillips Rangers Memorial located in the township, several miles north of Saxton.

The SAR chapter is also planning other improvements for the Rangers Memorial including signage, a new historical plaque and plans for a special “remembrance service,” set for July 2020.

In other matters the supervisors:

— approved a non-building waiver for the Manspeaker Development.

— approved building permit requests from Jonathan Keith for the erection of a pole barn as well as a request from Brooke Sheeder for an addition to the Saxton Outdoor & Supply building located along Route 26, just north of Saxton.

— was informed by Saxton Borough Police Chief Steve Kagarise that the police responded to 16 complaints in the township in July and 18 complaints in Saxton Borough.

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