With spring here, the Liberty Township Supervisors Monday evening met with an Altoona consulting engineer to map out future recreational projects in the municipality. The session was chaired by Brian Weaver with fellow supervisors John Black and Dick McClure also in attendance as well as secretary Anna Black.

The supervisors welcomed design engineer Dakota Dumm of the consulting firm of EADS Group and discuss potential recreational projects, along with funding sources. The consulting firm has been instrumental in seeking funding for several past projects including the Stonerstown Community Park.

In addition to the community park, Dumm will be advising the township on funding sources and agencies from which probable funding may become available for Dirt & Gravel Road projects and a PSATS/USDA Rural Development Grant.

At the township’s May session Dakota will provide updates on several grants related to the projects listed above.

Turning to other matters, the supervisors listened to a request from Saxton area developer John Husick Jr. for approval of a land use permit he is seeking for a project involving an existing property. The request was approved subject to receiving a copy of sewage approval for the proposed project.

Husick also inquired if campsites were considered seasonal for sewage taps; in response, the supervisors suggested that Husick contact the Saxton Borough Municipal Authority. Chairman Weaver noted that a building permit can be issued by submitting copies of the sewage and water tap approvals.

Saxton Borough Police Chief Fred Chadwick shared a copy of the March police report which listed 15 complaints and five traffic violations handled by the police in Liberty Township.

Turning to other matters the supervisors approved three land use permits for April Eltman to move a mobile home into Mountain Manor Mobile Park, Dustin’s Construction for an addition project on Wall Street and J.D. Keith for an addition project on 17th Street.

Looking ahead, the supervisors agreed to contact neighboring Broad Top Township Supervisors to schedule dates for paving work in the township this summer.

Also planned for the summer is new guardrail installation in the municipality. The supervisors will prepare a list of projects.

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