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The Huntingdon County Library has a book donation tree on display where patrons can purchase a book in honor of someone. The tree is one of many activities the library has planned for all ages this holiday season.

The Huntingdon County Library will be celebrating the holiday season this month with an assortment of programming in the coming weeks.

One of their most popular events from last year is the Holiday at Hogwarts Escape Room that kicks off from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 14, where up to five friends will have 30 minutes to find and solve clues that will allow them to escape from the Harry Potter themed room.

“It’s kind of like, the more the merrier,” said Meg Alessi, outreach coordinator at the library. “There are a lot of clues and it takes the different kinds of thinkers. Some people are very visual and they’re looking around and other people are like, ‘Oh, let me look through books.’ It’s interesting how you take a library room and turn it into an escape room.”

We did a “Stranger Things” themed escape room last season,” said Claire Williams, marketing coordinator at the library. “Almost everyone got out.”

The first date filled up so quickly the library decided to hold a second escape room event Saturday, Dec. 28, which still has spots available.

Library staff will be hitting the road this Monday, Dec. 16, to bring holiday cheer to residents of the Shirley Home for the Aged in Shirleysburg.

“We visit them biweekly, so we’re going to be seeing them this coming Monday,” said Alessi. “I take library programming out into the community for people who might not necessarily be able to come into the library for story times. We go visit them and we’re going to go have a little Christmas party for them and take a couple books along. We played “Jeopardy!” a couple weeks ago and they thought that was just fantastic. They really just love having visitors.”

There will also be a DIY craft evening from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17, where folks can make their own upcycled Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations from recycled material like magazines.

The monthly All Artists Welcome event from 6-7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19, which always falls on the third Thursday of each month, will have an evening of sugar cooking decorating.

“What better time of year to compare art and food?” asked Williams.

Following in the festive food spirit, the monthly Teen Night will have a cupcake decorating competition 6-8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 20.

Then, at 11 a.m. the following Monday, Dec. 2, the library will host a family-friendly holiday movie and hot cocoa event to kick off the holiday week.

Throughout the month, the library will have a book donation Christmas tree where patrons can purchase a book in honor of someone for library use.

“You can either donate a specific title in honor or memory of someone, or if someone really loved nonfiction, they can donate a nonfiction book. That will go to the library and there will be a special memorial plate in honor or memory of whoever they donated it for,” said Williams.

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