It might not be at the Huntingdon County Fair, but over 100 homegrown livestock projects that would have been shown there will go through the ring during a special sale for county youth at 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 14, in Belleville.

Brian Glick, vice president of Belleville Livestock Market, is expecting between 100 and 150 livestock entries, including meat rabbit pens, dairy beef steers, hogs, goats, lambs and beef steers for Friday’s sale at the Belleville Livestock Market, 26 Sale Barn Lane, Belleville.

“We originally thought there might be up to 250 animals, but some of those projects got marketed, and that’s fine, kids have to do what they have to do, but this sale is going to help out with the rest of those projects,” he said.

While he’s not expecting many market steers or hogs to come through the sale, there will be quite a few goats, lambs and dairy beef.

Glick was part of a sale for Mifflin County projects last week and said he hopes buyers come out to support Huntingdon County youth the same way.

“I was very, very successful,” he said. “I think this sale will be, too. I have two businesses that have called and can’t be there, but want to support the kids, so I’ll buy for them and send them the bill. They’re reputable businesses that buy at the fair each year.”

Glick wants buyers to understand the importance of supporting the sale.

“We did this because, to me, it’s all about the kids. I feel for them because of the circumstances they’ve been dealt that no one could control,” he said. I hope these businesses come out and help out them out for the same reason.”

Auctioneer Don Chesney of Chesney Auctioneering will also be a part of Friday’s sale and shared Glick’s sentiments.

“With the expenses these kids have incurred, every penny we can get for them is going to be a plus,” he said.

He was also pleased to see good prices garnered for Mifflin County youth last week.

“It shows that with everything going on, people are still able to be a part of this and help out the kids and that’s a good thing,” said Chesney.

When a decision to cancel the 2020 fair in late May, youth exhibitors had already been caring for their projects for several months. They were disappointed and concerned they wouldn’t have an opportunity to sell their projects.

“Keeping these animals can be very expensive,” said Chesney. “From what you pay for the animal to start to the cost of feed, it doesn’t get any cheaper.”

Both Chesney and Glick understand how much work youth have put into their 4-H and FFA projects that they intended to show and then sell at the county fair.

“These kids are disciplined on feeding, caring for and interacting with these animals every day,” said Chesney. “The amount of work they put into their projects and the knowledge, discipline and work ethic they’re gaining through that work, that’s nothing but a positive thing and they’re going to carry those skills with them the rest of their life.”

Buyers will have the opportunity to participate in a buyback program at the sale, much like they do at the fair’s sale each. The option allows buyers to pay the promotional value for an animal to support youth without taking the animal with them or having it processed.

Chesney and Glick have high hopes the sale will be a success.

“We really hope it works out for the kids,” said Chesney. “Yes, it’s going to be a different year and there are challenges for everyone, but I think (the sale is) going to be a great thing.”

Chesney, who has helped at the county sale and took over for longtime auctioneer Mark Glick last year, will also sell livestock for youth in Centre and Clinton counties Saturday, Aug. 15, at the Penns Valley Sale Barn.

Cash and checks will be accepted for purchases the day of the sale. Food and ice cream vendors will be on the grounds during the sale.

Chesney is also thankful for the volunteers who have helped to make the sale possible.

“It’s great to see a group of people willing to put their lives on hold to help someone out,” he said. “They understand the importance of this sale and hopefully it goes well, the kids don’t get discouraged and we’ll get back to normal next year.

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