Dylan Lane


A Huntingdon native and Huntingdon Area High School (HAHS) graduate will see some airtime as a host to a game show on the Game Show Network.

Dylan Lane will come back to his previous position as game show host for the reboot of the hit TV game show, Chain Reaction, on the Game Show Network Monday, Feb. 22.

Lane was surprised to receive a phone call about coming back to host the show.

“I got a phone call from an executive about hosting the reboot for Chain Reaction,” Lane said. “I honestly thought it was a prank call but it turned out that it wasn’t. I told her that I really liked my current position but I would think about coming back. After discussing it with my wife and seeing if I could take a break with my current employer to film the show, I decided to audition and got the position. It will be interesting to see my kids’ reaction to seeing me on TV because they were not aware of me being on TV before.”

Lane graduated from Huntingdon Area High School in 1995. After graduation, he went to college for two years before taking a year sabbatical and worked locally in Huntingdon. Lane then moved to New York City, where he worked as a VJ host on Fuse TV’s The F-List and Daily Download. He then went on to host the original premiere of Chain Reaction, which ran from 2006 to 2007.

In the gap between season 2 and season 3 of Chain Reaction, Lane hosted the “National Vocabulary Championship,” the first nationwide vocabulary competition for high school students for the Game Show Network in 2007 and 2008. He also worked in scripted television with a recurring role as Justin Carter in the TV show What Goes On.

Since then, Lane worked various jobs in marketing before he decided to work in the wind turbine industry. He went to a technical school to learn how to maintain wind turbines. Lane and his wife moved to Kansas where Lane worked on wind turbines before moving to New York after receiving a job offer with GE as a fleet performance engineer.

Lane enjoyed coming back as a host for the third season.

“It was a great experience coming back to the studio,” Lane said. “It was like riding a bike again; you haven’t done it in a while but the muscle memory is still there. It was really fun getting back into the gameplay and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Lane still has ties to Huntingdon. His parents, Clyde and Donna Lane, sister, Emily (Lane) Elder, and extended family still live in the area. In fact, his sister and her husband, Paul, teach at HAHS.

Lane recalled how his experiences at HAHS influenced his career throughout his life.

“In high school, I was really into athletics but my parents convinced me to audition for a part in the school musical,” Lane said. “I ended up getting a lead role in the musical and really enjoying the experience and being involved in theater. I think that if my parents and teachers hadn’t pushed me out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I want to thank them for always supporting me.”

Lane also offered advice to current high school students at HAHS.

“Find the path where something comes natural to you,” he said. “Whether that something is being really good at putting things together or public speaking, you should follow that path. Make sure to be resilient and not to give up. There were a lot of auditions that I never got a call back from but I never gave up. Resilience is an important characteristic to have.”

Chain Reaction features two teams competing against one another to complete chains of words, after the first and last words of the chain are revealed. Each word in the chain is related in some way to the word directly above and below it. By making inferences based on the revealed words and the revealed letters in incomplete words, contestants try to fill in the word chains to win money. The third season of Chain Reaction took approximately a month to film.

The new season will premiere on the Game Show Network at 1:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 22.

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