John B. Kunz Award winner

Longtime hospital volunteer Trudy Kyler, far right, was given the John B. Kunz Award Friday for her service to Penn Highlands Huntingdon. Helping to present the award were, from the left, Sue Price and Shelby Price, co-chairs of the annual gala, and Stephanie Strickler, Penn Highlands Huntingdon Auxiliary president.

The John B. Kunz Award was presented to longtime volunteer Trudy Kyler Friday morning in recognition of her dedication to both Penn Highlands Huntingdon and to her community.

Started by co-chairs of the annual gala of Penn Highlands Huntingdon, the John B. Kunz award is given each year since 2015 to a hospital volunteer or staff member who has dedicated their service and time to the hospital.

Having been named for John B. Kunz, Mr. Kunz gave over 43 years of service to now Penn Highlands Huntingdon, as he served on the board, was a founding member of the former J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation and he often gave tours of the facility.

“He went out of his way to get to know the people he interacted with daily while serving this health system,” said Stephanie Strickler, Penn Highlands Huntingdon Auxiliary president.

This year’s honoree is also known as someone who has served the hospital and many organizations, like the auxiliary, for many years.

“Having volunteered over 11,000 hours since 1999, she has become a ‘staple’ of the hospital,” said Strickler. “She’s always willing to take on any tasks asked of her We are so honored to recognize you with this award, and we thank you for all you do for the hospital, the auxiliary and the community. Thank you so much for your service.”

Sue Price, one of the co-chairs of this year’s gala, “A Night Under the Stars,” shared some comments from colleagues about Kyler’s service at Penn Highlands Huntingdon.

“Their comments were so complimentary that we thought you’d like to hear some of them,” said Price. “One person said, ‘Trudy is a loyal, compassionate and hardworking individual who makes everyone feel like someone’,” said Price, “’She is always willing to lend a helping hand or an ear when needed. She truly is an asset to this hospital.”

Other comments from colleagues, as read by Price, include, “Trudy is a hardworking, dependable and conscientious. We appreciate her years of dedication to this hospital. Trudy always wears a beautiful smile and treats everyone with respect. She is the epitome of the spirit of volunteerism.”

Price said Kyler is a shining example of what the John B. Kunz Award stands for.

“This award is truly a testament of what Trudy means to the hospital and the community,” said Price. “We are honored to present you with this award.”

The 69th annual gala, “A Night Under the Stars,” is set to take place at the Lake Raystown Resort & Conference Center today, Saturday, Nov. 9.

This year’s gala committee includes co-chairs Scott Price, Shelby Price and Susan Price and committee members David Grace, Cheryl Wagner, Malory Wagner and Stephanie Strickler.

Proceeds from this years gala will benefit upgrades to the heart catheterization lab at Penn Highlands Huntingdon.

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