A Mapleton area man accused of threatening a group of women with a knife after forcing his way into a Union Township home has a entered a pair of “no contest” pleas to charge resulting from the incident.

Kirklyn Strauser, 20, entered pleas Nov. 14 to felony 1 burglary and misdemeanor 1 terrorist threats.

Huntingdon President Judge George Zanic sentenced Strauser to 12 to 24 months’ incarceration in the county jail on the burglary charge, effective April 23, and fined him $250.

On the terroristic threats charge, Zanic placed Strauser on three years’ probation and imposed a $250 fine.

Strauser, represented by attorney Christopher Wencker, was scheduled to start trial today on those two charges, plus felony 2 aggravated assault, felony 3 criminal trespass and two counts of misdemeanor 2 simple assault.

State police at Huntingdon report Strauser went to a home on Polecat Hollow Road the evening of April 22 to find the victim and kill her. Police say Strauser shared his intentions with his father before going to the home.

Police say Strauser entered the home through an unlocked window and once inside, pulled out a knife and tried to gain access to a bedroom where two women were hiding the victim.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Strauser fled the scene after the women informed him police were en route.

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