Current Magisterial District Judge Doug Gummo is seeking re-election on the Republican and Democratic ballots to serve his third term in District Court 20-3-01, based out of the office in Alexandria, Porter Township.

He believes he takes a fair, understanding and common sense approach to each case set before him in his district, an approach he feels best serves his constituents.

“Through my experience, I’ve tried to be fair and understanding,” said Gummo. “It took several years to feel comfortable in the position and I believe I’m there. I’ve tried to hear both sides of the issue before making a decision. I’ve tried to be open minded and apply common sense with the law in each case that comes before me.”

The 20-3-01 district court was audited in 2018. Gummo said the report from the audit shows his office is financially responsible and is run efficiently.

Gummo believes he has taken a conservative approach, setting appropriate bail for serious criminal matters.

“We have had very few appeals from my decisions,” said Gummo. “I think it’s good that minor issues have been resolved at this level in a more timely fashion.”

While he believes every magisterial district judge is faced with the challenge of living in the community in which they serve, Gummo understands personal biases have no place on the bench and is able to make the difficult decisions necessary in each case.

“You have difficult decisions because you’re elected from the immediate community,” said Gummo. “You have to be understanding and fair with everyone.”

Gummo is thankful for the support he’s received from the community during terms in office.

“I believe I have a lot of public support on the decisions I have made and I would like to thank the residents and extend my appreciation for that,” said Gummo. “I’m a lifelong resident of the area and I’m blessed with the opportunity to serve the community.”

Gummo is a member of the Huntingdon County Farm Bureau, the Huntingdon County Holstein Association, the Juniata Valley Lions Club and attends the Hartslog Valley Chapel.

He resides in West Township with his wife, Shannon, and two children.

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