Brenna Miller

The Brenna Ride is held in memory of Brenna Miller, who battled a rare form of leukemia beginning when she was 7 months old.

An annual ride to honor a little girl’s legacy will benefit families in need.

The 14th annual Brenna Ride will take place Saturday, July 24, at the Elks Club in Huntingdon. Registration for the event will start at 9 a.m. and the ride will begin at 11 a.m.

The Brenna Ride is in memory of Brenna Miller, a girl who battled a rare form of leukemia beginning when she was 7 months old. She passed away at 18 months old.

The event was put together after Robin Wilson met Miller and her family 14 years ago when they lived on her mail route. After getting to know them, Wilson said she wanted to help them.

She said her husband, Ed, was president of the local American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) chapter. With the chapter, they put together a ride in Miller’s honor. One week prior to the first ride, however, Miller passed away.

“I always felt she was way too young and felt the desire to carry on her name,” Wilson said.

After a few years, organizers of the ride were able to become an official nonprofit organization called The Brenna Project, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars for various families in need of paying for medical treatment or other types of assistance.

“Over the years, we’ve seen people become what I call Brenna s Angels, as we watch them go to the arms of God,” Wilson said. “The success stories often return to us and are such a blessing to our fundraising. It’s really a beautiful experience.”

This year’s ride will feature a breakfast buffet hosted by the Elks. It is open to the public as well as the riders. Before the ride at 11, there will be a blessing by the Rev. Mike Mohnkern.

The ride will be 85 miles through central Pennsylvania and end at Mill Creek Fire Hall Grounds in Brady Township. A meal will be served and there will be entertainment provided by Backlash and Derek Heidel.

Heidel will go on at 3:30 p.m., with Backlash following at 5 p.m.

Michael Simone, the drummer for Backlash, is a member of The Brenna Project’s board.

“It’s all about community involvement. A lot of the money is going to local families, families we might know,” Simone said.

Even without a motorcycle, the public can be involved. Simone said all types of vehicles are encouraged to join and that it is not only bikes that need to participate.

“We want the public there and we want them to be able to contribute, too,” he said.

Miller’s mother, Brandy Hollenbach, said she is thankful for the community and their support over the years.

The entry fee for the ride is $15 prior to the day of the event and $20 the day of the ride. To register or learn more about the event and other fundraisers by The Brenna Project, visit The Brenna Project Facebook page or email Wilson at

Tickets for door prizes are also available and can be purchased through the Elks Lodge or by calling Ed Wilson at (814) 599-0480.

Contributions to The Brenna Project can be made at anytime. Checks can be made out to The Brenna Project and mailed to 5142 Delmar St., Alexandria, PA 16611.

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