The Mount Union community is encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns with borough leaders who are planning a town hall meeting Saturday, Nov. 10.

The town hall meeting is scheduled for 2-4 p.m. in the Mount Union Fire Hall on Market Street. The meeting will include light refreshments.

Borough council president Carol Kuklo is organizing the town hall session with assistance from fellow council member Nancy Lynn and the borough’s code enforcement officer Alec Brindle.

“This meeting will give the public a change to express their concerns about any borough topic including our ongoing borough manager discussion, infrastructure, police, anything,” Kuklo said, noting she is encouraging all council members and other borough officals to attend.

The event is the second town hall meeting for the current council, six of whom are new to their seats as of January.

The first town hall meeting, organized by council member Joan Rogers, was held May 10 at Mount Union Area High School and attracted about 50 members of the community at large.

Two topics dominated the May 10 discussion — drug use and the effectiveness of the Mount Union Police Department — but residents also called for beautification and cultural projects plus other such activities that could engage all residents and give them a sense of pride in their town.

Kuklo said she and her fellow organizers decided to schedule the November session on a weekend to give residents who can’t make weekday meetings a chance to be heard by council and other borough leaders.

“I don’t think the public gets enough time to speak,” Kuklo said, adding the upcoming town hall meeting was inspired, in part, by the recent upswing in the number of residents attending council’s regular monthly meetings.

“We have more and more people wanting to speak but we never have enough time to give them during our regular meetings,” Kuklo said. “This town hall session will be just for public comment.”

Brindle attended the May 10 session but was a few months shy of becoming the borough’s code officer. He said he will give a brief presentation and is looking forward to answering the public’s questions about code-related issues.

Brindle said he will also share information about upcoming initiatives, including pending permitting changes for residential rental properties.

Like Kuklo, Brindle said he hopes the Nov. 10 town hall will give residents adequate time to ask questions and share ideas.

“The basic gist of this town hall is to let people voice their concerns,” he said.

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