Mount Union Borough Council addressed some housekeeping this month by planning for an all-encompassing appraisal for insurance purposes.

Roughly seven years have lapsed since Mount Union last sought an industrial appraisal for its total properties and facilities. Keith Altiery, representing Jack Port Agency/Kerstetter Insurance, presented details to council during this month’s meeting.

Altiery, said the purpose of the appraisal is to make sure the borough is properly covered for all of its property, including the water and sewer plants and the municipal building, and, conversely, to make sure the borough’s isn’t incurring unnecessary expense by paying for too much coverage. He said the appraisal also serves as a risk management tool.

Borough manage Sue Zinobile said the industrial appraisal is common practice and is typically factored into the budget. She said the last appraisal, conducted in 2011-12, cost around $4,000. The estimated cost of the upcoming appraisal came in lower than anticipated and will be conducted this year, Zinobile said.

Every year, coverage increases 3% automatically, Zinobile continued and, along with Altiery, explained that every so many years, a full appraisal will help ensure the coverage reflects the true value of the borough’s facilities.

The water and sewer facilities are of particular interest, Zinobile and Altiery said, noting since they are multi-million dollar pieces of essential infrastructure, the borough does not want to be left underinsured if faced with repairs or replacement.

“It’s the responsible thing to do,” Aliery said.

Zinobile said another pice of the industrial appraisal is a fixed asset report, the lack of which, she noted, was a recent audit finding.

Altiery noted his agency doesn’t conduct the appraisal. The task will be assigned to a Pittsburgh-based company and will be used by Altiery and the borough to determine what coverage best suites Mount Union’s needs.

Inclusion and diversity

Zinobile reported she will meet with two experts to discuss ways the borough can create a more inclusive work environment.

Zinobile will meet with Juniata College graduate Lori Harris, founder of Pillars of Peace LLC, an organization which provides training in the area of peacemaking. Over the course of 14 years, Harris and her organization have worked with schools and in college settings.

Zinobile will also meet with Dr. Marita Gilbert, Juniata’s dean of of institutional equity and inclusive excellence, for further input.

Cleanup Day

Clean-up day for borough residents is scheduled for 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 24, at Park’s Garbage Service on Route 522.

Borough secretary Cindy Hobbs said borough residents must provide a tax receipt as proof of residency. All participants are limited to one truck load.

Hobbs said the event excludes electronics, tires and items containing freon.

The event is open to renters as well; council member Mary Crawley noted that some concession should be made for those residents since they don’t have a tax bill and may not be able to secure on from their land lord.

“Maybe we should have them bring a water bill or something that’s in their name,” she said.

A borough representative will be on site to assist participants with the process.


Pamela Mitchell, resident of South Division Street and daycare operator, said the recently enacted no-parking zone from Milford Street to the borough line seems to encourage motorists to speed through the neighborhood.

“We have traffic going 60 to 70 miles per hours,” Mitchell said, adding she’s concerns for all pedestrians, including her young charges.

Zinobile thanked Mitchell for reporting the issue and said the borough is looking at a couple actions which could alleviate the program, including use of a VASCAR unit and increased police visibility.

The parking restrict was put in place per PennDOT recommendation. The borough installed signs May 13 and started enforcing the ban May 20.

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