Oneida Township Supervisors approved their budget for 2019 during their monthly meeting Dec. 5.

“As of right now, we are running pretty close to budget,” said township treasurer Henry Strong, referring to the 2018 budget. “I think that it is good that we are running close to budget given this time of year.”

Supervisor James Ferrenberg made a motion to approve the 2019 budget as previously advertised. Supervisor Steve Magill seconded the vote.

“Thank you for approving the budget,” said Strong.

In other news, supervisors discussed some road maintenance.

“We had one snowstorm since our last meeting,” said Ferrenberg, “but we did cut down some trees, cleaned brush off of the roads, just normal winter maintenance stuff around the area.”

Supervisors also discussed purchasing a leaf blower that would be used by maintenance employees to help clean up small brush and leaves.

“I have been getting prices from several places,” said Ferrenberg, “I was given a price for a handheld leaf blower for $139.95 and then other quotes for a backpack leaf blower that prices at $600.”

Magill said he personally has a backpack leaf blower and noted it surpasses a handheld one.

“There is no comparison,” he said. “The backpack (blowers) are wonderful. One of those will outlast our lifetime and then some.”

Supervisors then approved a motion to permit Ferrenberg to purchase a leaf blower that would be appropriate for the township’s use.

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