Members of the Orbisonia Borough Council met Wednesday night for their regular monthly meeting to discuss various action plans for the community.

The of the Nov. 7 meeting were reviewed and approved as were the general fund balance sheet, deposit and check details and the liquid fuel budget.

Members then heard the maintenance report from employee Nicholas Brightbill.

Brightbill reported that a new light was installed at the magisterial district judge’s office and the library building in Orbisonia. At this time, the new lights for the Southern Huntingdon County food pantry have not been installed, but Brightbill promises it’ll be done soon.

Brightbill also reported he will take another trip around the town to pick up any more debris and junk in need of disposal.

Council member Matt Gilliland told council members that the tractor needs repairs as a locking mechanism on the dash broke and the headlights, four ways, turn signals and back up lights aren’t working. He reported that the cost to get the tractor to the repair shop is estimated at $90 and the costs of repairs are unknown at this time.

As the cost of repairs were discussed, Gilliland brought up an idea of purchasing a new tractor and either selling or trading in the current tractor.

Council president Stephen Scott agreed that would be a good idea, but said buying a new tractor is not possible as the 2019 budget has already been prepared. He added that during the summer council members could obtain quotes for various tractors and possibly buy a new one for 2020.

Cindy McGarvey, code enforcement officer, notified council members that she had sent out two official letters. The first pertained to an awning violation and the second related to a mailbox violation. McGarvey noted that action needed to be taken immediately as the mailbox is sticking out into the street, causing a safety issue.

Gilliland mentioned that there was difficulty plowing around the mailbox because of how far it sticks out into the street. Council members agreed that if the mailbox isn’t moved, officials will have to step in.

Moving forward, council member Daniel Gilliland made a motion to accept the 2019 budget, which was seconded by David Brightbill.

Scott brought up the senior center plan, stating he would like to get started as soon as possible. As was discussed last month, M. Gilliland had offered use of the Orbisonia/Rockhill fire hall.

Council members unanimously agreed to use the fire hall for the senior center until a more permanent location is found.

“It’ll be a social interaction with tables, chairs and a television set up,” Scott said. “There’s a great deal of interest here. Until we determine what everyone would be interested in doing during this time, for now it’ll be a get together.”

M. Gilliland reported that the fire company has tables and chairs to use, there is no television available. D. Gilliland added the company does have Atlantic Broadband cable, but it is a generic package.

Conversation continued about the need for a television and whether cable or a smart television with internet capability would be best. Council secretary Donna Barney offered to buy a smart television to donate it to the borough.

McGarvey will call Atlantic Broadband to determine the cost of upgrading to the next cable package and will report the cost at the next meeting.

With plans in place, Scott says he would like to have senior center activities started by the end of January or the beginning of February.

Council members also discussed the luminaries to be placed in the borough Christmas Eve.

Cartons in which to place the votive candles are in storage and additional cartons were donated by Orbisonia resident Trudy Cresswell. Volunteers are sought to place the lights.

In new business, it was announced that Elliot Street will be closed from Ridgley to Pine Street Thursday for road maintenance.

M. Gilliland suggested the creation of a snow event ordinance as cars were parked along the street during the recent snow storm, which made plowing difficult. He added that the roads need to be as clear as possible in case the fire company needs to report to an emergency.

Scott pointed out there are a variety of questions that would need to be considered first before enacting an ordinance, such as when cars should be moved and for how long.

For the present time, M. Gilliland made a motion to draft an ordinance to forward to the solicitor for review. The motion was seconded by D. Brightbill.

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