As the Orbisonia Lions Club looks ahead to 2020, members are seeking input on what would be the 60th annual Orbisonia-Rockhill Homecoming celebration.

Next year’s event is scheduled for July 22-25, 2020, at the Lions Park in Orbisonia.

“A lot of people take vacation and come back home to visit for the homecoming,” said Lions Club secretary Don Peterson. “It’s a good time for everyone, but we’ve gotten to the point where we need the community to pitch in and help us out.”

In an effort to seek help and ideas from the community, club members will hold a meeting at the Lions building at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 16, to gauge the public’s interest on keeping the tradition alive and seek ideas for the anniversary event.

“The Lions basically inherited the homecoming and we’ve been doing this for the past few years and we really need help from the community,” said Peterson. “We’d like any kind of organization, churches, nonprofits and individuals to help us see that the homecoming continues.”

While some parts of the homecoming have changed over the years, Peterson said the Lions are open to hearing ideas.

“We used to have rides, but it’s gotten to the point that it’s out of hand financially,” he said. “We’re open to rides if the community is going to pitch in and help us.”

Peterson urges those who attend the meeting to bring their ideas.

“We’re looking for any and all input and we’d like to have some members of the community and groups be a part of the homecoming committee,” he said.

This year, the Lions brought in bounce houses for children and that was well received, but he said attendance was lacking for entertainment.

“We have a different generation of younger people and we’re hoping to get some of them out and gauge their interest,” he said.

He noted that some ideas have already been suggested.

“We do have some ideas already and fireworks have been suggested, he said. “But, we really need to hear from the public. Do they want this to continue or not?”

In Peterson’s opinion, no homecoming would leave a void and an anniversary such as 60 years deserves recognition.

“This could be a really nice one since it’s an anniversary,” he said. “There’s talk of inviting some of the former queens and princesses back as an honorary court. We just really want to invite the fire company, businesses and organizations to give us their ideas.”

If folks have ideas but are unable to attend Monday’s meeting, they are encouraged to speak with Peterson or any Lions Club member.

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I would love to see Homecoming move back to the original location where so many generations have fond memories of coming home for the Homecoming. It's not the same in the new location.

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