Paint Shortage

Paint supply at the Allensville Planing Mill in Smithfield Township has plenty in stock right now despite national shortages. Store manager Marty Raffensberger said they have plenty of paint right now, but can’t say how long that will last.

Many people may not be starting any home improvement or renovation work until warmer weather returns in the spring, but now might be a good time to stock up on items like indoor and outdoor paint.

The national supplies have struggled to keep up with demand causing price hikes and shortages. Locally, stores seem to have enough inventory to meet demand, but it’s hard to say how long that will last.

True Value Orbisonia owner Ed Harry says that the paint shortage is related to the Texas Energy Crisis that occurred after a heavy freeze hit most of the state earlier this year. It took power offline for weeks, and damaged homes and equipment that wasn’t built to withstand the low temperatures.

“Several factories were closed up or damaged. I think that’s what’s doing it,” said Harry.

A key item used in paint production is petroleum, and production slowed while Texas was out of power due to the winter storms.

Harry said he’s already had to raise paint prices three or four times this year. He said that while prices have risen, they have been lucky enough to stay well stocked at their store.

“Thank goodness we had a big inventory to start with, because now we can’t order much of anything,” said Harry.

Allensville Planing Mill and True Value (APM) store manager Marty Raffensberger said she’s had a similar experience at her Smithfield Township store.

“At this time we’re not experiencing a shortage, but we’re very fortunate in that matter,” said Raffensberger. “We have a pretty good foothold right now, and that is because we have kept a larger inventory in case of a potential shortage.”

Raffensberger said it’s hard to say what that inventory will be like in two or three months. She said sales tend to slow down around the holiday season, but will likely pick up in the new year. It’s possible that supply will be able to meet demands by then, but inflation and shipping difficulties may continue to impact stores.

“I hope it all gets better soon,” said Harry, noting other shortages.

Raffensberger’s seen shortages of specialty items, too.

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