The Republican and Democratic committee chairs of Huntingdon County both agree that while this may be a municipal election year for the county, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s an “off-year” election.

Both chairs and their respective committees are preparing for the Tuesday, Nov. 5, general election by encouraging people in many ways to vote on Election Day.

“I know it’s been referred to for many years as an ‘off-year’ election, but we feel every election is important,” said Connie Kough Pittenger, chair of the Huntingdon County Democratic Committee.

“Our challenge is to get the vote out,” said C. Arnold McClure, chair of the Huntingdon County Republican Committee. “That’s what our committee members will be working on in the next two weeks.”

In addition to county row offices and municipal elections, there are some other state races that both parties believe residents should pay attention to this upcoming Election Day.

“Pennsylvania has an eight-year rotation of elections,” said McClure. “As they rotate, offices will be up for election, and we have two Republican candidates for the state Superior Court, one is a judge (Christylee Peck) from Cumberland County, and the other is a district attorney from Chester County (Megan King), who are both exceptional candidates.”

Kough Pittenger said they’ve also been working to stump for Democratic candidates for state Superior Court, including Amanda Green-Hawkins, Union attorney and former Allegheny County Council member and Daniel McCaffery, a judge of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

McClure said it’s very important to pay attention to the statewide state Superior Court judge races, as the outcome of the election will forever change the court.

“It’s very difficult for us to overcome Democratic candidates from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia,” he said. “The year 2016 changed how we look at everything.”

Both parties have also been stumping for row offices where incumbent candidates are on the ballot for their respective parties.

“Our signs have gone up for (Democratic Huntingdon County Commissioner) Jeff Thomas, and in addition to doing signs, we’ve been spending time sending out post cards to our registered voters,” said Kough Pittenger. “We’ve also been doing some door-to-door stumping for candidates and telephone banking. We spent our last monthly meeting doing those things.”

In addition, Kough Pittenger said they are also doing the same for Democratic candidates for auditor, including Jamie Roberts and Craig Greenland.

Both party chairs note they are supporting candidates that are officially on the ballot in their respective parties for row offices in the Tuesday, Nov. 5, election.

“Part of our message in our telephone calls is to remind people there’s only one Democratic candidate for commissioner, and that’s Jeff Thomas,” said Kough Pittenger. “We’ve been focusing on that. We don’t have many local candidates, but we certainly endorse and promote them. We’ve encouraged people to register and to do absentee ballots if they’re not able to vote (on Election Day).”

“Ordinarily, we would remind people to vote straight ticket, but we’re reminding people not to vote straight ticket,” she added. “There’s only one true Democrat running for commissioner, and that’s the message we’ve been getting out in the countywide race.”

“We, as a committee, have chosen to support the candidates the voters chose to support in the primaries,” said McClure. “Everyone knows we have some interesting situations in our county row offices.

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