Sheetz addition

Smithfield Township Planning Commission members reviewed a proposal from Sheetz to construct a 332-square-foot addition to their store located at the intersection of William Penn Highway and South 4th Street. It was given conditional approval pending dealing with any issues before supervisors may give final approval.

Greg Geishauser, an engineer with Stiffler, McGraw & Associates in Hollidaysburg, met with members of the Huntingdon County Planning Commission Thursday evening at the monthly meeting regarding a proposal by Sheetz to build an addition to their store located at the intersection of William Penn Highway and South 4th Street in Smithfield Township.

“They’re proposing a small building addition at the front of the store, between the store and the fuel pumps,” said Geishauser.

“It’s a 332-square-foot addition, and it’s essentially moving the outdoor seating indoors. Four seat tables will be removed and there will be 30 seats inside the new additions.”

To have a restaurant liquor license, a business must have a minimum of 400 square feet in a building, food and seating for at least 30 people.

A press release from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) indicated Sheetz was the highest bidder of the license that was available in Huntingdon County, which was one of 20 licenses that were sold in the Sept. 16 auction.

The license, from Shirleysburg Borough, was sold to Sheetz Inc. for $55,000.

Nicholas Ruffner, Sheetz spokesperson, couldn’t reveal which location will use the license.

The commission reviewed and approved their comments on the proposal.

Comments were also reviewed and approved on a proposal by ACE Hardware on William Penn Highway in Smithfield Township to construct two building additions totaling 4,664 square feet.

The property in the proposal is located immediately east of Kish Bank and development also includes construction of a roof over an existing paved area, reconfiguration of pavement markings, a new sidewalk and a revised access to William Penn Highway.

The commission recommended adding landscaping buffers, including large shade trees.

Commission members received a DEP (state Department of Environmental Protection) application for the apartment complex at Westminster Woods from Penn Terra Engineering asking if it was consistent with the county’s comprehensive plan.

The proposed location for the construction of a construction of a four-story, 48-unit senior living apartment building is at the intersection of Cold Springs Road and Stone Ridge Drive in Huntingdon Borough.

Council member Larry Mutti made a motion to say that the project is consistent with the comprehensive plan, which was unanimously approved, after some initial confusion over why they were sent the request, as they have not yet received the land development plans.


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