State police at Huntingdon are continuing to investigate a series of thefts at vending machines that took place in the county in the early-morning hours of Jan. 3.

According to police reports, unknown actor(s) broke the locks of three vending machines at Sandy Ridge Market around 2:30 a.m. and removed $50, took $30 from a vending machine in Shirley Township around 9 a.m. and broke the lock and removed $35 from a vending machine at Raystown Beverage in Smithfield Township around 9:30 a.m.

According to state police trooper Joseph Dunsmore, public information officer for Troop G at state police at Hollidaysburg, it is unknown if any of these thefts are connected.

“We don’t know if anything is connected at this time,” said Dunsmore.

However, Dunsmore said they’re also they captured video surveillance at the theft at Sandy Ridge Market.

“We got what we believe to be the suspect’s vehicle,” he said.

Dunsmore said since the investigation is ongoing at this time, it’s difficult to determine the particular motivation of the individual or individuals who committed these crimes.

“I wouldn’t be able to speculate on a motivating factor behind these crimes,” he said. “There could be a large spectrum of circumstances and reasons they feel this is something they need to do, but for this particular incident, I can’t speculate on why the individual or individuals would be able to do it.”

Dunsmore also noted if a suspect is apprehended and, ultimately, convicted of the crime, the consequences of the crime will undoubtedly outweigh any gain received from committing the crime.

“Unfortunately, a lot of times, people do a lot of things where the risk is far greater than any potential reward they would receive from criminal activities,” he said, noting once a suspect is apprehended and convicted of the crimes, the penalties they pay far outweigh the money they collected from the vending machines.

“Once the individual or individuals are tracked down, the punishment and fines associated with the crimes far exceed any compensation they get from the criminal acts,” said Dunsmore.

In addition to the theft charges, the individual or individuals who will be charged for these crimes will likely face criminal mischief charges as well, said Dunsmore.

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