There were no changes in positions as a result of the reorganization meeting of the Porter Township Supervisors Monday evening, but supervisors did discuss ongoing issues regarding the recycling Dumpsters adjacent to the township building.

Richard Brown will continue to serve as chairman of the supervisors and roadmaster, while supervisor Ron Grove will serve as vice chair and permit officer.

Supervisor Cloyd Norris will serve as treasurer, and secretary Kelly Ormsby will serve as Right-To-Know officer

First National Bank will be the township’s repository, while Stiffler, McGraw & Associates will be the township’s engineering firm.

Jamie Catanese will serve as the township’s sewage enforcement officer (SEO), and Edward Swartz will serve as the township’s alternate SEO.

Gary Hutchison will serve as the on-lot sewage inspector and will serve on the township’s vacancy board.

Bureau Veritas will be the township’s Uniform Commercial Code officer.

Larry Newton will be the township solicitor and Crist Fellman will remain as the township’s emergency management coordinator.

Grove said there’s an ongoing problem with people placing garbage and other items not meant for recycling in the Dumpsters, and suggested something needs to be done, including placing cameras in the area to help curb dumping of garbage.

Most recently, Grove said he found hamburger meat in the Dumpsters.

“It makes no sense to put in cameras when the county wanted to get rid of them,” said Brown. “I say if this continues to be a problem, we get rid of them.”

Norris said he notified Park’s Garbage last week to come and clean out the Dumpsters when they were full.

“I know if we get rid of the recycling Dumpsters, we get rid of the garbage,” said Brown. “We’re using our township resources to clean it up.”

Ed Kammerer, representing Stiffler McGraw & Associates as township engineer and the Alexandria Volunteer Fire Co.., said the same issues occurred when the recycling Dumpsters were located near the fire hall in Alexandria Borough.

“I support recycling, but I don’t think we should be cleaning up the mess,” said Brown. “If we find another mess like we did, we want them to be removed.”

Township supervisors said they would also do more research about the Pennsylvania Public Entity Energy Consortium to see if this would be something from which they could benefit on electric bills.

“We got a call from the PPEEC said they could negotiate electric payments if we joined this consortium,” said Norris.

Brown suggested he speak again with the representative to see exactly how this will benefit the township.

Supervisors also approved allowing the township tax collector to receive 5 percent of the fire tax that was approved late last year.

Kammerer said they want all of the tax collectors in all municipalities that agreed to a fire tax to collect the same percentage. Brown was also approved to represent the township on the auditing committee for the fire tax monies collected.

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