Project Bloomtown volunteers honored

Project Bloomtown volunteers were honored with a lunch at the Huntingdon Drop-In Center Friday. Some of the volunteers who attended were, front row, from the left, Dave Figard, Janice Porter, Michael Dick, Louise Smith; second row, Cory DeArmitt, Shelby Anders, Pam Grugan, Eddie Crader; back row, Darrell Hooper and Seth Launtz.

After another year of keeping downtown Huntingdon blooming, a special appreciation lunch was held at the Huntingdon Drop-In Center Friday to recognize the hard work and efforts of volunteers of Project Bloomtown.

Project Bloomtown, having completed its third year, was started in 2017 as part of the 250th anniversary festivities of Huntingdon Borough. Hanging baskets have been hung on Washington and Penn streets each summer and fall season since the beginning.

“We had a total of 42 plants, times two, as the plants were switched out in the middle of the season,” said Bloomtown Huntingdon originator Pam Grugan. “Thanks to all of you working together, we were able to help beautify Huntingdon.”

Grugan said there are many people who come together to make this possible.

“Flowers are hung each season on shepherd’s hooks, and then we switch the flowers from begonias to mums every year,” she said. “After the flowers are done, they are then composted.

“Then, there’s also the fundraising component, and then ordering of the flowers is done each year by Weaver the Florist,” added Grugan.

However, in addition to volunteers from Huntingdon Drop-In Center, community residents and volunteers from Raystown Developmental Services come together to help water the plants each year.

“Without volunteers coming together to water, it’s the difference between having Project Bloomtown and not having Project Bloomtown,” said Grugan.

With that in mind, Grugan said she’s always looking for volunteers to help water so they have enough alternates to help water plants.

“When I first proposed this, I was most worried about who would water the flowers,” she said. Now that we have folks who are willing to commit to doing this every week, it’s really rewarding.”

Grugan said if anyone is interested in donating to Project Bloomtown, donations to support Project Bloomtown may be made to Huntingdon Borough, 530 Washington St., Huntingdon, PA 16652, with “Project Bloomtown” designated on the memo line.

Additionally, if anyone wants to learn about volunteer opportunities through Project Bloomtown, they can contact Grugan at

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