Sgt. Sneath

State police Sgt. Daniel Sneath was recently named station commander of the barracks in Walker Township.

A familiar face is leading the state police at Huntingdon.

Sgt. Daniel Sneath was recently named station commander of the barracks in Walker Township and, having worked in the Huntingdon station in the past, he said it feels good to be home.

“It’s great to be back (in the community) I live in and the one I’ve served for years,” said Sneath.

In his 27 years with the Pennsylvania State Police, Sneath has worked in the county on several occasions.

He started his career in August 1993 with Troop H in Chambersburg before moving on to Montoursville, Lycoming County, and Rockview barracks in Centre County. He came to Huntingdon in April 2001 as a patrol trooper and also spent time as a criminal investigator.

Sneath was promoted to corporal in March 2008 and went to work with Troop K in Philadelphia and then staff services with state police at Hollidaysburg.

He returned to Huntingdon in July 2010 as a patrol corporal and then a criminal investigation unit supervisor.

In 2014, he worked in internal affairs investigation, mostly in Harrisburg, before being promoted to sergeant in 2017 and station commander of the Lewistown barracks.

But, in January, he had the chance to return home.

“I’ve been here since Jan. 4,” he said.

Sneath said he hopes to focus on communicating and community relationships in his new role.

“The staff at the county jail, probation, etc., are all people I know and have developed relationships with,” he said. “It’s good to have that open line of communication.”

He is also hoping to pass his experience onto younger troopers.

“I’ve worked in Huntingdon County, so I’m trying to pass on the names and places, experiences and knowledge I’ve learned to younger troopers,” he said. “I think they can gain greatly from my experience.”

Sneath said he’s required to attend at least one meeting in a township within state police jurisdiction, but he wants to expand that community outreach.

“I want people to know they can call state police, that we’re here to help them,” he said. “It’s not just going to meetings, but getting involved in events like National Night Out and having a presence in the schools.”

He also wants to make an impact on younger generations of state police troopers.

“When someone says they want to be a state trooper when they grow up, that’s a good thing,” said Sneath. “We’re all recruiters.”

Sneath said his staff is also a part of that community outreach.

“I have a good working relationship with the staff,” he said. “We’re working to make Huntingdon County the best place to live and our part in that is to protect the community and make it a better place to be.”

Sneath said the Huntingdon station has about 40 employees, which includes crime and patrol troopers, patrol corporals, public communication officers and clerks.

“We’re a medium-size station,” he said, noting troopers cover a lot of ground in the county. “Huntingdon County is large geographically without easy roads in and out. Blairs Mills isn’t the easiest area to get to and if you’re there and you need to go to Warriors Mark, you can’t jump on the interstate and get there quickly.”

Regardless, he wants the public to know he and his staff are there when needed.

“We’re here to serve the public and respond when our service is needed,” said Sneath. “We will provide the best service we can within the confines of the law.”

Sneath and his wife, Dr. Melissa A. Sneath, who is a corporal with the state police and holds the position of criminal investigation unit supervisor with the state police at Bedford. She is also an adjunct professor at Penn Highlands Community College. They reside in the Alexandria area.

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Charles Bierbach

Good choice. Dan is an excellent career professional. He will do well. Charles A. Bierbach

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