It seems as if the weather has put a damper on some activities happening in the area this weekend.

A system that will bring rain to the county has prompted organizers of the Huntingdon Christmas Parade to be rescheduled. Originally set for 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 14, to has been moved to the same time Saturday, Dec. 21.

Additionally, the forecast also prompted Community Chapel of Hesston to move its Live Nativity to the parking lot of the church on Orchard Road in Walker Township beginning at 6:30 p.m. tonight and Saturday, Dec. 14. The event was to take place on the church property on Redstone Ridge Road in Penn Township.

According to the National Weather Service bureau in State College, light drizzle and showers that started this morning will become steadier as Saturday approaches.

“The rain started this morning as scattered drizzle,” said John Banghoff, NWS meteorologist. “The light showers continued throughout the day, and with temperatures at or below freezing, there was the threat of a glaze of ice, especially on untreated and elevated surfaces.”

These showers will continue on and off throughout the night Friday and into Saturday.

“We’re expecting a half inch to about an inch of rain in Huntingdon County (by Saturday evening),” said Banghoff.”

Though temperatures were at or below freezing Friday afternoon, Banghoff said there won’t be any concerns for that Saturday.

“We don’t expect it to freeze tonight, as overnight temperatures will be above freezing,” he said. “Temperatures are also expected to be in the mid-40s Saturday.”

Saturday afternoon, however, may see a change to some snow showers.

“There could be a brief changeover to snow, but we don’t expect it to accumulate,” he said. “We don’t expect it to do much before the system exits to the east.”

The second half of the weekend will be relatively calm with partly sunny skies and temperatures around 40 degrees Sunday.

But, Banghoff said all eyes will be on another system expected to move through the area.

“This will move in Monday,” he said. “It will start as snow, change to a wintry mix, then change to all rain as we head into Tuesday.”

Banghoff said it was too early to tell whether there would be any accumulation from this system, but if there is, it will be limited.

“The potential exists, if the track of the storm would change, there could be more significant snowfall totals,” he said. “As it is right now, snow accumulation should be relatively limited. We’re encouraging folks to keep an eye on the weather, but this system looks mostly like a rain system.”

As winter approaches, the weather patterns will likely become more active.

“It looks like we’re in an active weather pattern where every few days, we have a system coming through,” said Banghoff. “Depending on how warm it is will dictate whether it’s snow, rain or a mix.”

With that in mind, the temperatures will remain relatively steady, at least over the next few days or so, added Banghoff.

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