For over 40 years, the Opinion Line has been a way for Daily News readers to express their thoughts, opinions and concerns about various topics affecting our community, county, state and beyond.

In these trying times amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we want our readers to know their voices will still be heard. However, we also want to hear about the good “stuff” and the great people that make the communities of Huntingdon County special places to live.

We want to hear about the woman who picked up an elderly neighbor’s groceries or the the volunteer who solicited donations to make a lunch program to feed students successful. Maybe you want to thank a church congregation for a donation or an all-volunteer group that’s stepped up to fill in when others couldn’t.

Yes, share your opinions, but let’s lift each other up in this time of need. Let’s show each other how far a little humanity can go.

As usual, opinions can be submitted online at or by emailing We’re also leaving the Opinion Line open 5:30-8:30 p.m. each night, so they can be submitted by calling 643-4043.

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The Daily News endeavors to publish your opinion verbatim whenever possible, but reserves the right to edit or eliminate opinions that are in bad taste, potentially libelous, not substantiated by fact, repetitive, or cannot be accommodated because of space constraints.

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