Table of Kindness

Brittany Vaughan's Table of Kindness sits outside her 318 Mifflin St. home in Huntingdon with free items for people to come and take as needed. 

One Huntingdon Borough resident is stepping up to help neighbors in need.

Brittany Vaughan, of 318 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, has been giving away soap, toothpaste, gloves and much more from her “Tiny Table of Kindness” in front of her family’s home.

Neighbors and passersby are able to pick anything from the table as-needed and at no cost.

“I had all this extra stuff, and asked ‘what can I do?’” Vaughan said.

The table started with a few coupons she left out last week. After a slow first day, Vaughan placed some more items on the table for people to take, and more people began to show up. Soon, she added clothes, and ended up needing to go shopping to restock the table a total of three times. Vaughan does not know how much money she has spent on the project in total, but knows she most recently spent $40 to resupply the table.

Vaughan’s table has been infectious, according to her. Friends on Facebook began to ask to drop off items, and some people in need have asked Vaughan about stocking certain sizes and items.

A sign on the table reads “Table of Kindness — *FREE* Take what you need! Be the change you wish to see,” complete with a peace sign at the end.

Vaughan is assisted by her 12-year-old son, Kodi Johnson, and her 9-year-old daughter, Katie Crosson. The two children help Vaughan go shopping, and also help place the items for people to take.

“It brings hope to people,” Johnson said. “It shows that something will always be here that can help them.”

Friday, Vaughan hosted a food table to give away meals to those who need it. That table included four Thanksgiving meals.

Vaughan wants the table to be bigger than herself, however. She encouraged other people to put out tables of their own with items for their neighbors.

“The world stinks right now. It needs kindness,” Vaughan said. “It needs people to care about other people.”

Something else motivated Vaughan to start putting out items for her neighbors to take.

“God,” Vaughan said.

Vaughan explained she recently began going to Bible study and going back to church. “It’s not possible without Him,” she said.

The table will remain outside as long as the weather cooperates. On bad weather days, Vaughan will move the table underneath her porch.

“I want kindness to catch fire and just ignite everywhere!” Vaughan said.


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