Beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 16, until the supply is gone; residents are invited to a free milk giveaway at the Huntingdon County Fairgrounds on Fairgrounds Road in Smithfield Township.

This drive-up event was made possible by Huntingdon County Dairy Promotion, Huntingdon County Holstein Club, Huntingdon County Farm Bureau, local organizations, agribusinesses and community members donating money for the Milk Drop committee to purchase 3,000 gallons of whole white milk and 3,000 half gallons of chocolate milk from Galliker’s Dairy.

The Milk Drop is a response to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic and responding to local community needs. The primary objective is to provide milk at no charge to community members that are entering the safe and secure Milk Drop site. The Milk Drop committee has taken measures to ensure the safety of volunteers and members of the public attending the Milk Drop.

All volunteers have been pre-registered and understand the medical screening process and expectations as our community health is a key component of healthy living to include education, business, work, financial security and happiness.

People coming to the Milk Drop to receive milk should know that the milk is coming from a good place. Milk comes from well cared-for cows and is never touched by human hands, as this is done by machine. Before milk leaves a farm, it is tested for any impurities. Local dairy farmers will be on hand at the distribution area so residents will see who is producing milk in Huntingdon County.

Each family unit in the vehicle will receive one gallon of whole white milk and a half-gallon of chocolate milk. Residents receiving free milk will not be allowed substitutes of types of milk given. We are grateful for being able to secure the milk from Galliker’s Dairy which has tested the milk from the farm for purity, pasteurized and packaged the milk to be handed out. This is fresh milk from Galliker’s in Johnstown is being brought to the Huntingdon County Fairgrounds by Kunzler & Co. Inc. of Tyrone.

Huntingdon County dairy farmers want to remind consumers that farmers care for their cows, their land and their community. Dairy farmers support the local and commonwealth job market and economy.

The coronavirus has been devastating financially on everyone to include local businesses and farmers. It is heart wrenching to know people are struggling in so many areas of their life and the Milk Drop is a reminder to residents that there is hope, resilience and ongoing community support during this public health crisis.

Vehicles should enter the fairgrounds at the racetrack entrance and cautiously follow the established traffic pattern. There will be no access to the main fairgrounds and bathrooms are unavailable. There is no charge for the milk, as it was paid by donations. Donations on the day of the event will be given to Huntingdon County United Way P.O. Box 344 1200 Susquehanna Avenue Huntingdon, PA 16652.


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