Carolyn Burroughs at Mimi's

Carolyn Burroughs, general manager of Mimi’s Restaurant & Martini Bar, made some last-minute adjustments to tables just before the restaurant opened Friday evening.

As of late March, Mimi’s Restaurant & Martini Bar in Huntingdon Borough is officially under new ownership.

After 18 years of being restaurant owners, Jamie and Rhonda Muir have retired and have sold the fine dining establishment to John and Angie Thompson, Carolyn Burroughs and Kiersten Kenyon.

Burroughs, who will serve as the restaurant’s general manager, is thankful for the opportunity to carry on the fine dining establishment in Huntingdon.

“First of all, I would like to say how lucky we are the majority of the stayed on and made the transition so smooth,” said Burroughs, noting the transition of ownership wouldn’t have gone as seamlessly as it had without the staff at Mimi’s.

For customers who may fear there will be huge changes in the works, Burroughs wants people to know customers will continue to experience the same fine dining experience with the best quality food they’ve come to know over the past 18 years.

“We do have some plans down the road to change the menu with with some more locally-sourced foods,” said Burroughs. “Our aim is to have as high of quality, or perhaps even higher, than what has been served before, but this will definitely remain a fine dining establishment.

“We really want to make sure we’re providing the best possible dining experience, both food wise and service wise,” she added. “We want to make sure we’re meeting and exceeding expectations everyone has when they come to dine with us.”

Burroughs talked about what prompted her to get into the restaurant business and to purchase Mimi’s.

“Over the course of many years, I debated about opening up my own restaurant, but I know how challenging that can be,” she said. “After finding that Jamie and Rhonda decided to retire, I toyed with the idea, but I didn’t want to do it on my own.

When she asked her brother, John Thompson, and wife, Angie, if they wanted to partner, as well as silent partner Kirsten Kenyon, they expressed their interest in partnering with Burroughs.

“It all kind of just fell into place,” said Burroughs. “We love the idea of having a restaurant with an existing clientele and an existing reputation to fall into, and our goal was to do it as seamlessly as possible.”

There are some changes that are in the works, including a new name for the restaurant, but Burroughs said those changes will take time.

“We don’t want to announce the name right now officially, as there are some things still in the works,” said Burroughs, noting any signage will acknowledge that it was formerly known as Mimi’s.”

“I’ve also heard from a number of people asking if we’re going to do martinis,” she said. “We are going to still do martinis, but we want to introduce some other cocktails, but the martinis aren’t going away.”

Customers so far have been positive about the change in ownership and have been supportive of the new owners.

“Even before they knew they were speaking to one of the owners, they talked about how seamless (the transition was),” said Burroughs. “We’ve been very busy since the transition has taken place. The staff have been excited and have been on board with the changes we’re going to make.”

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Since Mimi's has historically been the best restaurant in at least 5 counties in the area, I would doubt that the new owners are going to have a "higher" quality of food there, as one of them suggested in the quote.

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