Lee Ann Grace, left, Randy Rink, Frank O’Donnell, and Elizabeth O’Donnell enjoyed dinner at Drake’s Bar and Grill near Mill Creek Friday night. Restaurants are now permitted to allow 75% capacity and bar service.

It’s no secret that bars and restaurants across Huntingdon County have struggled since the beginning of the pandemic. However, with Gov. Wolf lifting some of the restrictions, restaurants in the county are slowly beginning to recover.

“Business has slowly started to pick back up again,” Nick Morder, the manager at Drake’s Bar and Grill near Mill Creek, stated. “A lot of people do not realize that we are open again but when they do, we are expecting more people to come. We are still doing 50% capacity and following all state and CDC guidelines but it would be really nice if Gov. Wolf could just lift all of the restrictions. It would make everything extremely easier not only for us but for restaurants in the county as well.”

Restaurants can now resume bar service and alcohol service has been allowed without the purchase of food since April 4. Indoor dining capacity may also increase to 75% complying with public health and safety guidelines orders. Requirements such as mask-wearing and social distancing between diners are still in effect.

Emily Brown from Checker’s Bar and Grill in Mount Union said business has been great.

“All of our employees are wearing masks and social distancing. We are also seeing a lot of our elderly customers come back because of the vaccine,” she said.

Aurora Chilcote of Bello’s Restaurant in Mount Union is also seeing an increase of elderly customers returning.

“With people getting their shots, more of our older customers are coming out,” she said. “With more and more people getting their vaccines, the better off we are to getting back to normal. I am proud of our employees who have been doing a great job, despite the circumstances.”

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