The second electronics recycling date is set for the county.

It will be held at the Huntingdon County Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, July 13.

At the first recycling event held in May, Huntingdon County Recycling Coordinator Lou Ann Shontz said 310 cars came through and 43,875 pounds of electronics recycling were collected.

Shontz said she’s thankful for the support of the Huntingdon County Agricultural Association, also known as the fair board, for allowing the county to host this event at the fairgrounds.

“I know that Danny Hawn (fairgrounds manager) has been very helpful, and the fair board has been so good to us about letting us hold these events there,” she said. “It’s just been a great working relationship.”

She’s also thankful for the support of the Huntingdon County Commissioners, who helped obtain a sponsorship for the event from the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP)

“If it wouldn’t have been for them and CCAP, we may not be having these events,” said Shontz. “It’s hard to get a sponsorship, so with the commissioners working with CCAP and being persistent to get this sponsorship, it has gone really well.”

She’s also thankful for those who are doing their due diligence at these events by bringing their electronics to be recycled.

“The more we recycle, the more it shows the company sponsoring us how much we need it in the county,” said Shontz.

The county will team up with e-Loop of State College for this event and two other events, Saturday, Sept. 28, and Saturday, Nov. 9.

Shontz reviewed what items will be accepted.

“You can bring TVs of any shape or size,” she said. “People can also bring computers and computer peripherals like monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers and all other external devices like scanners, wireless routers and printers. You can also bring old laptops and tablets. These are the ones that we’ll take for free.”

There’s also a small free for hard drive data destruction.

Other items will also be taken for a small fee per pound.

“That includes DVD, VCR and Blu-ray players as well as digital cameras, electronic cables, old phones, video games, video game consoles and power supply backups,” said Shontz.

Those dropping off electronics are encouraged to use the race track entrance to the fairgrounds, as signs will direct people to the correct place.

“There will be signs out there, and there will also be people directing traffic,” said Shontz.

Additionally, this event is for residential electronics recycling only.

Anyone who needs information about the electronics recycling events, or recycling in general in Huntingdon County, can call Shontz at 643-3091, ext. 221.

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