Huntingdon County is a place rich with both history and heritage and to preserve and promote those assets, a roundtable event will be held at 9 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 27, at Isett Heritage Museum, 11941 Stone Creek Ridge Road, Huntingdon.

“We got the idea from the roundtable event put on by the visitor’s bureau,” said Lonnie Smith Jr., a member of both the Huntingdon County Historical Society board and the Hartslog Heritage Museum boards. “This is a way for everyone to share ideas and collaborate.”

Those involved in any of the area’s historical societies, historical sites or museums — volunteers, board members or employees — as well as county residents with an interest in history are encouraged to attend to explore ideas to promote the region’s assets.

The purpose of the event is to bring as many historical-minded individuals and groups together in one place to brainstorm potential promotions and events, including emulating ideas which have been successful in other areas.

“We have been reaching out to everyone to invite them to participate. One thing we’ve considered is putting together a heritage passport,” Smith said. “Blair County made one. It’s a booklet you can get stamped and keep notes as to your experience there.”

Another consideration has been a local version of New Jersey’s “lighthouse challenge.”

“The lighthouse challenge in New Jersey is to go to as many different lighthouses as possible and to get a token at each one,” he said. “We could do that with historical sites and places here.”

By keeping all interested parties in the loop with all things historical in Huntingdon County, the roundtable event’s organizers hope to heighten interest with visitors and residents alike.

For more information on the history and heritage roundtable event, contact Justina Hall at Isett Heritage Museum by calling 643-9600 or emailing

April can be reached at


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