Saxton Borough Council agreed Aug. 12 to set the borough’s tax collector commission at five percent and to appoint borough office manager Jamie Foster as deputy tax collector.

The aforementioned action comes as a result of recently appointing borough resident Judy Williams as new borough tax collector. Williams replaced former tax collector Barbara Meck whose resignation was accepted for health reasons at the borough’s July 8 meeting.

Council also learned from Foster that it is unnecessary to send warning letters out to borough landlords before initiating legal action against them for failing to provide the names of tenants to the borough for tax purposes. Borough police chief Steve Kagarise said all that is necessary is to provide the landlords with a notice they must sign acknowledging they understand that legal action initiated by the borough is the next legal step in making them to adhere to ordinance regulations.

Council gave final adoption to an ordinance regarding the use of fireworks in the borough. The ordinance states that anyone setting off fireworks must adhere to Pennsylvania statutes regarding the use of fireworks and that none can be set off within 150 feet of any type of structure in the borough.

The ordinance also states that the setting off of any types of fireworks must cease at 11 p.m. Fireworks aren’t permitted to be set off between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Part-time borough maintenance-water employee Don Herdman reported the borough had an issue in July when a computer that assists with the operation of the borough’s water system crashed. A borrowed computer was used until a new one could be obtained and programmed with system data.

Herdman also reported that problems are being experienced with a compressor at the water plant. Individuals experienced with the repair of compressors will be coming to the plant to examine the problem.

Herdman said the borough’s Putt’s Hollow reservoir is running over and that a problem area where a tree struck a fence surrounding the reservoir needs cleaned up. The fence, according to Herdman, cannot be repaired until water levels in the reservoir go down.

Council member Tom Skipper questioned what is being done about removing a drop ceiling in the former Broad Top Senior Center portion of the borough building. Skipper said removing the ceiling and making the room accessible to the public once more is needed to help the borough generate funds from its use should council agree to turn it into a community center/rental facility.

Council president Lester Meck stated a quote to do the necessary work was obtained earlier in the year by a local contractor. Meck said he would make inquiries with the contractor to see if the quote is still valid.

Councilman and street committee chairman Larry Miller reported that several streets in the borough were paved and/or repaired by Broad Top Township officials. Miller said he was happy with the work done despite some drain problems that will soon be corrected.

Foster provided council members with photos of salt damage problems to the bed of the borough’s 2011 dump truck used for winter maintenance duties. While the borough received a quote to “plate” areas where the bed has been eaten through, Meck said he would sooner consider getting quotes to replace the entire bed with an aluminum bed.

A 15-minute executive session was held during the meeting to discuss personnel matters.

Also attending the meeting was councilman Phil Johnson, mayor Alan Smith and borough police officer Dave Buseck.

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