Saxton Borough Council unanimously agreed Monday evening to endorse a project by Broad Top Township to possibly offer space to Bedford County and move District Magisterial Judge Brian Baker’s office to the former Defiance Elementary School building the township now owns and maintains.

Baker’s office is currently located along Route 26 in Hopewell Township (Bedford County).

According to a May 31 letter sent to council by Broad Top Township supervisor chair Donald Hedge Jr., the supervisors have held meetings with the Bedford County Commissioners, President Judge Thomas Ling and Baker concerning the potential for relocating the office to the Defiance location. The supervisors have expressed the benefits of having Baker’s office more centrally located, in a more modern facility, tighter security and lower cost.

According to Hedge all who were present at the meeting were receptive and asked the Township to get support from municipalities in the district.

Council president Lester Meck said he was all in favor of the proposal which would make things easier on area residents that would be required to attend hearings and easier on borough police officers in not having to far out if the borough’s jurisdiction to attend hearings.

Council also agreed the move would be advantageous for all concerned and agreed to offer it’s full support.

Meck also reported the borough spent $11,000 to replace a leaking plastic tank at the borough’ water treatment plant last month. Leaking tanks at the plant has been an ongoing concern.

Council held a 12-minute executive session during the meeting to discuss personnel matters.

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