Saxton Borough Council Monday evening adopted a final copy of its 2019 operating budget.

The budget was amended to reflect changes in revenues from the adoption of an intermunicipal police agreement between the borough and neighboring Liberty Township.

Council president and water committee chairman Lester Meck said it was learned that the computer operating system at the borough’s water treatment plant is inadequate and outdated and the Pall Corporation cannot perform routine maintenance. Meck said he would determine what needs done to upgrade the computer and software system.

Meck and borough office manager Jamie Foster said there has been notice given of a major loss of water somewhere in the borough’s community water system to the amount of 100,000 gallons. Meck stated that some “freeze-thaw” leaks have been detected and repaired, but borough officials are still not satisfied and still believe there is a greater problem out there somewhere.

Council members unanimously approved the appointment of Jason Morrelli to the Saxton Borough Municipal Authority (SBMA). Morelli replaced long-time member Steve Stoudnour who announced his retirement from the board after more than 30 years in December 2018.

Councilman and building committee chairman John Hoffner reported that work has been concluded on the construction of a new overhang in front of the borough building. Ritchey Remodeling & Building of Saxton performed the work.

Hoffner also provided council with quotes on the cost of signs it proposed having installed as part of its renovation project. Council agreed to eliminate the installation of a sign beside the borough office door in favor of purchasing and having installed a large “Borough Office/Police Station” sign erected on the Ninth Street side of the building providing it is LED.

Councilman and street committee chairman Larry Miller said many complaints have been received about some borough residents, business owners and organizations not cleaning and removing snow from sidewalks in front of their bproperties. All are reminded this must be done per a borough ordinance and council authorized borough police Monday evening to first issue warnings followed by a fine.

Miller also informed council of a drainage problem along Mobile Street. He said mountain water is flowing underneath and undermining the street making it unstable for traffic.

Also attending were council members Adam Runk, Phil Johnson, Tom Skipper, mayor Alan Smith, police chief Steve Kagarise and police officer Logan Tornatore.

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