The Southern Huntingdon County School Board held its monthly workshop on Wednesday and kicked off their meeting by celebrating the students of the month from November and December.

The students of the month of November were Mason Miller, Caylen Thomas, Brook Messner, Kylee Book, Dayton Clippinger, Collin Greenland, Mya Seibert and Guiliano Adragna.

December’s students of the month were Ashlyn Holder Braedon North, Elizabeth Snyder, Clesea Deller, Chloe Brown, Riley Yohn, Ryan Leturgey, Ashtun Reed, Darian Whitsel, Drew Flood, Harper Fickes, Logan Horne and Kendal Starr.

During the workshop, Stanley Hall presented a preview for his building and maintenance report for the regular meeting. Hall discussed the elements of the request for proposal for the middle school and high school pipe insulation retrofit. Hall also announced that the roof rejuvenation project has been completed.

“We are looking to replace the fiberglass insulation that is covered with moisture and no longer has value. We are looking at installing Armaflex, which is moisture barrier insulation. We are looking at a heat reclaimer in the boiler room, which will allow us to switch back and forth between heating and cooling, and cooling and heating within the same day,” said Hall.

Board president Brent Stoltzfus asked if the heat reclaimer will help prevent future mold issues, to which Hall replied in the affirmative.

Hall also reported that he had a meeting scheduled with the Shade Gap baseball project for Thursday in regards to an issue regarding set backs with digging footers for dugouts.

“They have run into a little bit of a hiccup where the footer is 16 feet from the property line. The property owner has agreed to sign off on a variance,” said Hall.

Hall also noted that unfortunately the property owner is out of town, and that after signatures are obtained that the township will have to approve the variance as well.

Hall also announced the district received a notice from the Orbisonia-Rockhill Joint Municipal Authority (ORJMA) in regards to grease trap specification, and gave the school district 60 days to comply with the notice.

The board members discussed an agenda item concerning a previous request for proposal for a feasibility study to be done on the elementary school to determine what appropriate courses of action the school board should take in regards to closing and the construction of new complexes. The board will make its final decision on which company they will use for the feasibility study at next Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Superintendent Dwayne Northcraft wished to clarify what had been interpreted in regards to the request for proposal concerning the implementation of an updated track at the district’s sporting complex. Northcraft wished to clarify what the district meant by “moving forward.”

“We were moving forward with the study of what we were going to do with our track. We hired an architect to do a study on our current facilities and what it would cost for us to do an al-weather track,” said Northcraft.

Northcraft wished to publicly thank the engineering firm that conducted the study for the track, due to the scale of the project that had been determined, as well as how they did not use all of the allotted funding for the study.

“They determined that due to moving bleachers, slopes, and many reasons, our project would be looking like $1.2 million dollars,” said Northcraft.

Near the end of the workshop, high school and middle school assistant principal Deborah Meitrott presented on the Safe2Say Something program that will be available in all state school systems. According to the program overview, it is designed to teach students, educators and administration how to recognize the signs and signals of individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others, and to anonymously report the information to the administration or to 911.

According to Meitrott, the program will be live Jan. 14. The school board will have its first reading of the policy concerning the Safe2Say program at the upcoming regular meeting.

The January regular meeting for the Southern Huntingdon School Board will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15.

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