During their monthly meeting Thursday night, Shirley Township Supervisors discussed ongoing issues with roads that have been impacted by Michel’s, the company contracted by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), to construct the Mariner East II pipeline that runs through the township.

Energy Transfer Partners and Michel’s signed an excess maintenance agreement with the township, noting their equipment has caused more damage that was insured by the bond and agreed to fix any roads that had excess damage.

Supervisor and chair Gary Frehn said someone informed him work to repair an excessively damaged road was to start Aug. 12, but that hasn’t happened.

They called the first of the month, and they told me there would be work the week of Aug. 12,” said Frehn. The week came and went, and there was no work. I called them the following week, and there was no answer (with the representative Frehn has been speaking with). I left a message. I called him again earlier this week and left another message. I had (secretary) Kathy (Varner) email them, but there was no response.”

Penn Township Supervisor Kevin Fluke also attended Thursday’s meeting, said they’ve been facing similar issues with not being able to contact Michel’s representatives regarding road work due to excess damage on roads.

Solicitor Nick Newfield from BMZ Law, who was in place of regular solicitor Jim McClure, told supervisors to send them copies of any email correspondence they’ve had with Michel’s and Energy Transfer Partners and document when phone calls to them have taken place.

“(McClure) can send a letter to them outlining what you guys are expecting from this,” said Newfield. “You shouldn’t have to chase them down, but I’d send out a letter to them to start.”

Fluke also suggested they find other townships in the county and neighboring counties that are in similar positions to pose some sort of united front.

“If several townships unite a little bit, they may see we’re not just going to back off,” said Fluke.

“I know there are several townships in the same boat we are,” said Frehn. “Maybe we can meet with them. We can’t have this pushed onto the taxpayers.

“Our one road is ruined, and they sat there and promised they were going to do things, and we’re not getting anywhere,” Frehn added. “We can do them, especially the roads that need blacktopped, and then have it snow in a week. The plows will kill the roads. I can see them not wanting to move equipment in and out, but they’re mostly done in Penn Township, and they’re mostly done here.”

Township supervisors also opened four bids for the Hogan Road project, as the township received a grant for $39,500 for the Dirt and Gravel Roads fund to fix the road with DSA stone.

Bids were from Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. for 1,310 tons of DSA stone at $35.11 per ton for a total of $45,594.10; Grannas Bros. for 1,310 tons of DSA stone at $29 per ton for a total of $37,990; Hammaker East 1,310 tons of DSA stone at $34.22 per ton for a total of $44,828.20; and New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc. for 1,310 tons of DSA stone at $29.15 for a total of $38,186.50.

Secretary Kathy Varner said she’s in the process of putting together outlines for the 2020 budget, and she’s waiting for information from supervisors before an outline is presented for review.

Frehn said he spoke with someone who gave him a price for four security cameras on the property near the office and maintenance sheds, and it will be around $750-$800. Frehn added he also spoke with someone to see if they can replace the front door of the office, and the approximate cost to replace would be around $1,500.

Kylie can be reached at khawn@huntingdondailynews.com.


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