Active Transportation Committee signs

Members of the Active Transportation Committee, as well as members of the Moose Family Center No. 223, Huntingdon, display the new signs that will alert motorists they are sharing the road with bicyclists. Those on hand were, from the left, Mark Colussy, Pam Grugan, Mary Ann Beleski, Troy Beck, Charlie Bierbach, Mike Honstine and Terry Weaverling.

As part of the work of the Active Transportation Committee, signs will soon be popping up around Huntingdon Borough to encourage motorists to be on the lookout for bicyclists.

Charlie Bierbach, a member of the Active Transportation Committee, talked about why they wanted to create these signs.

“We wanted to prepare signs that could be used as lawn signs to let people know that we have bicycle riders in our community,” he said.

The signs, that were inspired by signs made by ABATE Highlanders Chapter 55, Huntingdon, to alert motorists of sharing the road with motorcyclists, were designed by Tony Brenneman.

“We asked the (Huntingdon Moose Family Center No. 223) to pay for it, and they did,” said Bierbach. “They used the money to purchase the signs so we have them.”

Bierbach said the goal of the signs is for people to display them in their yards.

“In addition to that, we’re asking Huntingdon Borough officials, to take these signs and distribute them,” he said. “We decided if signs made to protect motorcyclists could protect them, we want the same thing for bicyclists. We copied, to some extent, the (motorcycle signs).

He also said these signs are also a way to help the community learn more about the Active Transportation Committee.

“We meet once a month, usually at the planning office, and we’re open to the public,” said Bierbach. “We would love for people to come in and give us their thoughts on active transportation. It doesn’t just have to include bicycles. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

Mark Colussy, Huntingdon County Planning Department director, said one of the goals of the committee is education, and these signs are a great way to encourage that.

“A lot of people don’t know about us yet, so to see the signs, maybe they’ll think they will consider the bicyclists on the road,” said Colussy. “Maybe more people will feel safer being on a bicycle.

“You always want to see progress toward your goals; you don’t want to give lip service,” added Colussy.

Bierbach also noted another important element of riding a bicycle — a helmet.

“What’s more important? Your brain or your hairdo,” he said.

The Active Transportation Committee meets at 9 a.m. the third Tuesday of each month. For more information about the signs and the Active Transportation Committee, contact the planning office at 643-5091.

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