Winter weather

Just as people were getting used to milder temperatures, Old Man Winter has returning, reminding people that winter isn’t over yet.

A weak storm system pushed through the area Sunday evening and early this morning, bringing a small skiff of snow in the county, but a larger system is expected to come through the county this afternoon and last until Tuesday afternoon.

The county is under a winter weather advisory between noon today until noon Tuesday.

David Martin, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, discussed how much snow the county will receive with the stronger system.

“It will become steadier this afternoon and evening, and the snow will continue through Tuesday morning, where it will mix with freezing rain and sleet,” he said. “When this is through, we should expect around 5-6 inches of snow in the county. This system is pushing through the Mississippi Valley northward.

Martin explained the difference between a watch, advisory and warning.

“A winter weather watch means snow is possible, an advisory means it will occur,” he said. “But, an advisory is not as severe as a warning, where amounts are much higher.

Though not much sleet or freezing accumulation is expected, Martin said that warm air is trying to invade the cooler air with this system, prompting the threat of it.

“There’s enough warm air trying to mix with the cold air to try to turn some of the precipitation into sleet and freezing rain,” he said. “There will be small amounts mixed in, but the primary precipitation will be snow.”

After the system pushes through Tuesday afternoon, temperatures will be cooler, said Martin.

“Wednesday will be windier and cooler, with temperatures dropping back into the upper 30s during the day, and the mid- to upper 20s at night,” he said. “Thursday looks dry, with temperatures in the mid-30s in the daytime, and lower 20s in the nighttime.”

There is also rain expected in the forecast for Friday, but Martin said a threat of sleet or freezing is not expected for later this week.

“Hopefully, once we get past Friday, it will be quiet for a few days,” he said.

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