Snowy weather

An Alberta Clipper system may bring around an inch of snow to the county by Sunday morning. 

An Alberta Clipper system is expected to push through the area Sunday, which could bring what is for some the first snowfall of the year, though other areas of the county have already seen a skiff of snow.

Dave Bowers, meteorologist with, explained what to expect with this system.

“It will be diving southwestward over the day Saturday into Chicago,” he said. “By Sunday morning, it will be moving across northern Pennsylvania. That’s where the center of the low (pressure system) will be. It does track close enough that it will produce some snow over most of the Commonwealth.”

How much snow? Bowers said it’s not a significant amount, but enough to have to brush off of cars and sidewalks.

“Over the area, the snow will be starting this evening between 8-10 p.m.,” he said. “It’s not a real heavy snow, but that will come in into Sunday morning, then diminish into just snow flurries and showers for the rest of the day.

“We will have picked up, at the most, by mid-morning, around an inch, give or take,” Bowers added. “They may get more on the Allegheny front in higher elevations to the west, like the Johnstown airport, places like that. In the valley locations, it will make it enough to look like it’s winter.”

However, the high temperature Sunday will be 40 degrees, so any snow that will be seen will likely melt by the afternoon.

The wind will pick up a little by Sunday evening, making temperatures fell well below the upper 20s expected, with flurries and perhaps a snow shower possible.

“They will be generally around 10-16 mph Sunday night, and with temperatures into the upper 20s, it doesn’t take a whole lot of breeze before a chill will be felt, especially this time of year,” said Bowers. “There will also still be some snow flurries, even perhaps a snow shower, but we’re dealing with lake-effect snows, so it’s going to be more of an issue in the mountains to the west of us.”

There will also be another chance for some snow showers, but the chances of any accumulation are slim to none.

“We’re getting another shot of snow Monday night, but this one will be in the skiff category,” said Bowers.

Temperatures will also remain below normal at least through midweek.

“We’re definitely getting a flavor of wintry weather through the middle of next week,” said Bowers. “We’ll be in the 30s for high temperatures through Wednesday, which is well below normal for this time of year. The average temperature is 45 degrees during the day and around 31 degrees at night.

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