Gas Prices

With gas prices averaging $3.65 a gallon, millions of Americans will hit the road today for the start of the Thanksgiving holiday.

With less restrictions on traveling, more people are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this year.

Doni Lee Spiegel, public relations manager for AAA Central Penn said the busy holiday travel period begins today.

According to Spiegel, Thanksgiving travel is estimated to be around the same amount that traveled prior to the pandemic.

“In 2019, there were 56 million traveling 50 miles or more,” she said. “This year, it is about 53.1 million.”

During the pandemic, she said 47.1 million traveled 50 miles or more.

The busiest travel day is expected to be Wednesday, Nov. 24.

Because many schools and workplaces close early that day, Spiegel said it is best to wait until evening to travel.

“People are going to want to hurry and get to their destinations early in the day, so it will definitely be congested,” she said.

However, traveling back from the holidays will have less crowded roads.

While many will be returning Friday, Spiegel aid others will be traveling during the weekend.

“There are more opportunities on returning home, so the amount of cars on the road will be sporadic,” she said.

Spiegel also expects fuel prices to drop soon.

“Crude oil prices are starting to go down, so there will be a slight dip in the cost of gas in the next few days,” she said. “Though I do not think it would change traveling, as most have their minds made up on their holiday plans.”

She also suspects weather conditions to be fine for traveling.

“There is no call for bad weather or snow as of now,” she said. “So overall, those who are driving can expect smooth trips and those taking planes should not experience a lot of delays, if any.”

As always, she said it was still important to take precautions prior to the trip.

“Making sure your car is at its best ability will save you from dealing with issues while you travel,” she said. “It is worth it in the long run.”

It is estimated that nationally, AAA will be helping 400,000 travelers this holiday season.

Spiegel also reminded folks to continue to be safe in the midst of the pandemic.

“Be diligent and do your part,” she said. “It is great that we can get together with loved ones, but we still need to keep our health in check.”

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