Every year, townships meet in January to nominate and appoint individuals to positions to serve the township in what is known as a reorganization meeting. This year was much the same, and many of the positions remained the same as well.

Dublin Township

Dublin Township approved supervisor Donald Allison as chairperson and Rodney Walters as vice chairperson.

Trudy O’Donnell remained as secretary and treasurer. Lawrence Newton remained as solicitor.

The township board approved Randy Anderson as emergency management coordinator.

Miller Township

Brian Miller remained as chairperson and Scott Dunlap remained as supervisor vice chairperson. Chris Wilson remained roadmaster.

The board retained Patricia McNeal as township secretary and treasurer.

The board approved Chuck Diven as development permit officer, replacing McNeal.

Richard Wilson remained as the township solicitor.

Henderson Township

Henderson Township experienced a little bit of change, replacing its roadmaster, road laborer and an auditor.

The township supervisors approved Richard Anderson as the new roadmaster and Bradley Fetzer as the new road laborer.

Sally Mann and Bobbi Jo Gearhart remained auditors, while the board approved auditor Suzie Focht to replace Edward Bialon.

The board kept Richard Focht as chairperson. Teresa Laird remained secretary and treasurer for the township. Robert and Terry Green remained the code enforcement officers, and Jamie Catanese remained the sewage enforcement officer with Edward Swartz remaining as alternate sewage enforcement officer.

Shirley Township

In Shirley Township, supervisors appointed Gary Frehn as chairperson and Daniel McKeehan as vice chairperson. Robert Allenbaugh was appointed as roadmaster for the township. Kathy Varner remains as secretary and treasurer.

The township also kept James McClure as solicitor, Dan Page as sewage enforcement officer and Rick Wilson as code enforcement officer.

Morris Township

Morris Township also reorganized without any changes.

The supervisors appointed Donald Harnish as chairperson and roadmaster. They also appointed Ronald Hall as vice chairperson.

Pauline Burkey remains secretary and treasurer. Rebecca Wright, Rebecca Donnelly and Karen Nichols remain as auditors. Nicholas Newfield remain as the solicitor, and Paul Sneath and Bureau Veritas remain as the development permit officers.

Smithfield Township

Smithfield Township reorganized and kept everyone in the same roles except for one. Supervisors filled the previously vacant seat on the township water and sewer authority. Bradley Glover filled the role.

Otherwise, the board kept Doyland Gladfelter as chairperson and Kenneth Shea as vice chairperson. All three supervisors, Gladfelter, Shea and Jeffrey Shaffer, will serve as roadmasters for the township.

The board also kept Vicki Harshbarger as secretary and treasurer, with Jeffrey Shaffer working as assistant secretary.

Larry Lashinskey remains as township solicitor, and HRG, Inc. remains as the engineering firm for the township, with Levine Engineering approved as the alternate engineering firm.

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