After years of work, the county’s upgraded 911 system is set to go live at 11 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 11.

The news was shared Thursday during the monthly meeting of the county’s 911 policy board.

The occasion will be marked by a press conference at the same time at the 911 center inside the Huntingdon Borough Building.

Preparing for Nov. 15, policy board members discussed some final details with the project during Thursday’s meeting.

Sid McConahy with Mission Critical Partners of State College told the board the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has sent the final land lease agreement for the land and tower on Pine Grove Mountain to the county for signatures.

“This includes a performance guarantee of $10,000 if any damage occurs at the site, and it also includes a copy of insurance,” he said. “This will become an agenda item for the commissioners to approve at a meeting.”

Additionally, McConahy said he was also finalizing some things for the $1 million from the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program that was received in September.

“There are things we have to go over, some terms with the state, but this is also something that will have to be adopted as a resolution at a regular commissioners’ meeting,” he said.

Jeff MacAlarney of ComPros said all of the old equipment has been removed at the tower sites, and 911 director Chris Stevens said that includes the towers leased from SBA for the old 911 system.

Because the equipment has been removed, added Stevens, they no longer have to make payments of over $3,000 per month to lease the old towers.

Stevens also added that county radios are currently in use with the new system, and he noted that Mount Union Police Department is waiting for a couple of new radios for the system.

Overall, everyone has switched to the new system, and they’ve been hearing about how well it’s working.

“I think everyone is pleased with the new system,” said commissioner Jeff Thomas. “I’ve heard for seven years from companies in outlying areas not being able to communicate.”

Stevens said now they’re working on making sure neighboring fire companies in other counties are assigned IDs through the new system

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