A man wanted on robbery and attempted homicide charges stemming from an incident which took place in Armstrong County was arrested by state police at Huntingdon Monday evening.

State police encountered Willie Lunsford, 33, of Mount Union, Monday during an investigation of a incident on Extract Road, Shirley Township.

“While state police were there, Lunsford gave them his correct last name and birthdate, but a different first name,” said Huntingdon County District Attorney Dave Smith. “When they ran the name, nothing came back and that raised a high level of concern. The officer then immediately started checking and confirming and was able to ascertain that Lunsford had given the wrong name.”

It was discovered that Lunsford had an active warrant for his arrest on charges of felonies including attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault, robbery — inflict serious bodily injury, two counts of robbery — threat of immediate serious injury, felony 2 aggravated assault, and two counts of misdemeanor terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, three counts of misdemeanor simple assault and six counts of misdemeanor recklessly endangering another person. All of the charges originated with an April 19 incident which took place in Kittanning Borough.

“They took him into custody without incident,” Smith said.

State police served the arrest warrant for the robbery and attempted homicide and a search warrant was served on the Extract Road residence and a Ford Escape where officers believed there to be evidence of the attempted homicide and robbery.

“My office got involved with the purpose of executing the search warrant,” he said. “We were able to retrieve the cellphone, but were not able to locate the weapon.”

Lunsford will be transported to Armstrong County for further court proceedings.

Smith expressed his appreciation for the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by both the state police and the Mount Union Borough Police (MUPD) in their efforts to take a violent criminal off the streets of Huntingdon County.

The armored vehicle recently donated to MUPD was also used in the incident.

“We are truly blessed to have the law enforcement officers we have. In instances where there are violent crimes, the ability of the agencies to work together and share resources is unparalleled,” said Smith. “It speaks volumes of the level of expertise and professionalism exhibited by law enforcement in being able to remain calm under trying circumstances and not having it turn into a dangerous situation. They do an excellent job keeping us safe.”

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