Huntingdon County election officials posted what are unofficial results of the hand count for write-in votes in the Nov. 5 election.

Mount Union Borough

Mount Union Borough, though some candidates were conducting write-in campaigns, the Nov. 5 election yielded only one definitive answer from Mount Union residents casting ballots in borough council races. With just one candidate printed on the ballot.

For the First Ward, Patrick Reeder received 46 write-in votes, compared to the 27 scattered votes.

Reeder, who is employed as a corrections officer at SCI Smithfield, told The Daily News before the Nov. 5 election his campaign hit a snag Nov. 1 when he received word that the state, which previously OK’d his bid for the borough seat, had rescinded its approval.

Dan Egan, spokesperson with the state Office of Administration, said state employees must have approval from the state if they want to run for public office so that the state may determine whether or not the elected office presents any potential for conflict with the individual’s employment.

Reeder moved forward with his write-in campaign and said he intended to appeal the state’s decision.

In the Second Ward, incumbent Michael Shields and challenger Thad Fortney sought write-in votes, and Shields received 76 write-in votes, and there were 10 more write-in votes that are listed as scattered.

Reeder said Fortney, who ran in tandem with Reeder on the same platform, is also a state corrections officer and, with his own candidacy up in the air, he’s not sure if Fortney can except a similar decision from the state.

Walker Township

It appears as if Walker Township resident Matthew Johnson, who was conducting a write-in campaign for supervisor as a Republican, received more votes than incumbent Rodney Johns and Democratic challenger Michael Keller.

According to election information, Johnson received 299 write-in votes, while 10 write-in votes were scattered. Incumbent Republican Rodney Johns received 177 votes, while Democratic challenger Michael Keller received 116 votes.

Southern Huntingdon County School District

In addition to some municipalities, there were also some races for seats on school board that were up in the air, due to write-in campaigns, including the Southern Huntingdon County School District.

In the eastern region of the district, Todd Grist, who was running a write-in campaign for one of two seats in that region, received a total of 182 votes to win the write-in count for that region. Additionally, there were also 221 write-in votes that were listed as scattered.

In the western region, Tammy Park received 108 votes to be the winner of one of two open seats in that region. The rest of the write-in votes in that region totaled 183 and were listed as scattered.

Huntingdon Area

School District

Denise Felton, who was conducting a write-in campaign for Region 3 for the district, received 213 write-in votes, which is enough to be considered for one of two open seats. There were also 43 scattered write-in votes for Region 3.

All results are considered unofficial, and all those winners must accept their win and fill out paperwork before they can officially take their spots. Also, all results posted by the Huntingdon County Elections Board remain unofficial until certified by the state Department of State.

For a full list of all write-in winners, visit the county’s website at, click on departments, then click on elections.

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