New Year’s resolutions are made every January, and many people use this tradition as a chance to declare their intention to change jobs in the year ahead. The reasons why people change jobs vary, but the most popular reason to do so might surprise you. According to a LinkedIn survey of more than 10,000 people who recently changed jobs, 45 percent of respondents indicated they changed jobs due to a lack of opportunities for advancement with their previous employers. The next most popular reason to switch jobs was dissatisfaction with the leadership of senior management. Employers may be surprised to learn that dissatisfaction with compensation was relatively low on the list of why people changed jobs, as just 34 percent of respondents listed that among the top reasons why they left their old jobs. While that may encourage employers to find ways other than pay increases to keep their employees happy, it’s also important to note that the LinkedIn survey found that money was the second most popular reason job switchers, 74 percent of whom received higher salaries at their new jobs, chose their new positions.


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