Members of the Southern Huntigdon County High School Class of 1964 who recently celebrated their 55th reunion included: Top row Robert Hockenberry, Glenn Moore, Virgil Shaw; Second Row, Larry Anderson, Linda (Morgan) Wise, John Whitsel. Third Row, Linda (Fleck) Anderson, Barbara (Yohn) Groce, Mark Hess. Fourth Row, Betty (Yohn) McElrath. Fifth Row, Terry Forshey, Joe Flasher. Sixth Row, David Covert, Lucy (Locke) Getz, Robert Mellott.Seventh Row, Mary (Bard) Stover.Eighth Row, Harold Harper, Patricia (Yohn) Steinly, Vonnie (Rogers) Hockenberry.Ninth Row, Gail Greenland, Philip Park, Nancy Rogers.Tenth Row, George Rabenstein, Patricia (Cupillari) Humphreys, Vickie (Hampson) Xanthopoulos. Eleventh Row, Dennis Brechbiel, Eric Schmidt. Twelfth Row, Dale Wakefield, Ronald Watkins, Fred Knepper. Thirteenth Row, Darlene (Jury) Cowan, Jean (Fetzer) Vaughn, Jane (Erwin) Collins, Frank Irwin. Fourteenth Row, Penny (Snyder) Knepper, Carol (Curfman) Ramsey, Adaria (Zinobile) Smith, Richard Cummins. Attended some events but not in picture, Garry Book, Richard Brown, Virgil Davidson, Charles Reed, Daryl Smith.

Members of the Class of 1964 at Southern Huntingdon County High School recently celebrated their 55th Class Reunion.

There were 43 classmates who attended at least one activity during the three-day celebration. Friday the group rode Proud Mary on Lake Raystown and met for lunch at Hoss’s in Huntingdon; Saturday included a morning tour of Southern Huntingdon County High School and Coulter School, a one room school house, and evening dinner at Agape Resort ; Sunday the class concluded its weekend celebration with breakfast at Agape.


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