This year, New Day will continue offering Autism Awareness shirts thanks to a staff member. These shirts will help support the awareness of people with autism and help New Day raise money for its prom.

New Day students and staff have been donning these shirts for about three years, and they don’t plan on stopping now.

New Day’s truant officer Stephanie McCarl finished gathering orders for shirts Feb. 11. Students and staff who purchased the shirts will be wearing a “Light It Up Blue” shirt on April 2.

“I feel as though the Autism Awareness shirts do benefit autism awareness. The more people that wear those shirts, the more the word of autism gets out there to the public the more help they can be,” said history teacher Ryan Hockenberry. “I don’t view a child or adult with autism any different than I do anyone else.”

This year, some of the funds from the shirt sales will be helping with New Day’s May 15 prom. “It is always good to help raise money for a good cause,” said Hockenberry.

Most of the staff and several students have purchased shirts to show their support. “I think the shirts are a great way to raise the awareness of students to autism,” said science teacher Mark Centi. “Many autistic students attend school and are able to participate in regular classes.”

A total of 70 shirts were purchased to be worn at both locations.

“Light It Up Blue” is this year’s official campaign slogan for Autism Speaks, a non-profit organization that supports people with autism and their families.



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