Tea party

The British Novel elective course consists of, first row, from the left, Stephanie Bishop, Kaleigh Johnson, Morgan Lawn; second row, Evelyn Connelly, Mara Singer, Brittany Waite, Melanie Raifsnider and teacher Peg Vlasak, who recently took part in a British-inspired tea party as part of unit on British novelists.

Right before Christmas break English teacher Peg Vlasak brought in a new technique to teach her students about the British culture in her British novel elective course.

“We had just finished the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and were starting to watch the movie “The Christmas Carol”, also by Charles Dickens,” explained junior Evelyn Connelly. Vlasak thought it would be fun to bring the British culture into the classroom by having a British inspired tea party.

Students brought in many tasty treats and desserts, along with Vlasak. Vlasak brought scrumptious chicken salad finger sandwiches. “I absolutely loved the chicken salad finger sandwiches, they were delicious,” commented junior Madison Dick. Other students of the British novel class brought in dainty raspberry and blueberry scones, palatable lemon cookies, variations of nuts, mouth-watering mini chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing and yummy chocolate chip cookies. Vlasak also brought the “British tea,” an assortment of tea with the choice of honey, sugar and cream.

During the tea party, the class watched an episode of the Netflix series called “Reign.” “Reign” is about the life of Mary Queen of Scots. She travels to France to secure her engagement to the king’s son. Throughout the series, she feels threatened with her life and her engagement until she meets a mysterious guide. Mary readies herself to rule and tries to find a balance between the demands of her country and those of her heart.

“We watched this show because it is around the same time period which we are learning about,” stated senior Melanie Raifsnider.

“This was a delightful change, it was different from what we are used to,” added junior Morgan Lawn. “I would love to do something like this in the future.”

The class is now reading the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. This novel will close up the British novel section of the year and will the class will then move onto contemporary novels next. “I hope to do something like this in the future with this class and with many more classes ahead,” remarked Vlasak.

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