In the month of November, a thankful spirit resides in Calvary Christian Academy. Students get excited for Thanksgiving break as well as hunting season and practice their Thanksgiving traditions.

Among the CCA student body, mostly everyone goes to their grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner and not very many students travel out of state. Some have many Thanksgiving meals during the span of the break.

Morgan Sunderland, freshman, said her favorite thing about Thanksgiving is enjoying family company. “We can’t always get together, so it is very special to me.”

Samantha Montoro, sophomore, said she “likes to relax and decorate for Christmas over the break.”

Lacie Corbin, junior, explained her biggest tradition: “The night before Thanksgiving, my older sister and I always go up to my grandparents’ early and spend the night with them and watch Christmas movies.”

David Donnelly, senior, has a tradition where his family goes around the room and says what they are thankful for, which is the whole meaning of the holiday — to be thankful and appreciative.

As far as food goes, the popular opinion at CCA is that all of the dishes at dinner should be mixed together on one plate. Montoro’s favorite dishes are mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole. No gravy or turkey — she’s a vegetarian.

Thursday night football falls on Thanksgiving Day, and families gather to watch the game after their meals. Graci Ehresman watches football Thursday night, but usually watches the Pittsburgh Steelers, who play on Saturday.

Having Thanksgiving traditions puts the thankful spirit into the hearts of many families. Putting aside the fun and food, students and adults alike need to find what they are thankful for in order to fulfill the intentions of the holiday.

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