This year, New Day Charter School (NDCS) has started its first-ever set of CHAMP captains. The captains will help the nonprofit organization Planet LoveJoy with this year’s CHAMP (Creating Hope and Making Progress) dance marathon by assisting with the fundraising, figuring out the games they will play and deciding on the theme they will go by for the night.

Senior Aronley Miller, junior Elizabeth Rinde and junior Kody Bumbarger volunteered to be CHAMP captains for the year. When asked how Emily Huey got involved in being a captain she said that she had been asked by New Day principal Josh Hicks and head of special education Jenna Morgan.

Morgan has been meeting with the captains to help execute the themes and games they come up with for the night. The captains help bring awareness to the different fundraisers being held by each school. NDCS hosted a McTeacher’s night November 20 to help fundraise money for CHAMP. The captains are developing more fundraisers for the future.

This year’s CHAMP Dance-a-Thon will be held at Juniata Valley High School March 1, 2019. The students from all Huntingdon County schools will help raise money to support families in the community that are going through medical hardships. The students stay up all night from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. to dance, play games and encourage each other to help the people in their neighborhood.



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